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10 Best Herbal Shampoos In India

Top 10: Best Herbal Shampoos In India with Reviews, Price List

After all that mess with parabens and sulphates, our hair just wants something it can trust. We’re used to heat styling; curling, straightening, blow drying and the numerous products we put into our hair! Never forget the mousse, dry shampoo, hairspray etc. Of course, this damages our hair! How could it not? We then turn to things a bit more natural, how do we achieve that lustre in our hair without destroying it in the process? That’s where Herbal shampoos come in. These herbal shampoos are good for dry hair. They are a lot more natural than most shampoos on the market and a good chunk of them are made without any parabens or sulphates. I’ve collected the list of best herbal shampoos available in India and their prices

just for you.

These shampoo brands use neem, amla, bhringraj, shikkakai etc as their ingredients which help control dry hair, hair fall, dandruff, split ends and other hair problems. A lot of natural and herbal hair care brands are available in the Indian market and I’ve listed my must have shampoos from them:

List of Top Ten Herbal Shampoos In India:

1. Satthwa Argan Oil Shampoo

This Argan oil shampoo contains Moroccan argan oil, Avocado oil, Coconut oil, Jojoba oil, Almond oil & Botanical Keratin. A sulfate and paraben free shampoo which provides complete nourishment for your hair and scalp. Like this stuff a lot. Price: Rs.499 for 200ml (buy it HERE


2. Patanjali Coconut Hair Wash

Every Indian girl, mother and their aunt knows about this brand and rightfully so. In what appears to be a crazy takeover of the Indian market, Patanjali has stood firm in its rise as a go-to household brand from everything to shampoos to detergents to face wash. The Patanjali Coconut Hair Wash is one particular favourite shampoo. It harnesses the wonders of natural coconut and gives your hair a lot of the nourishment it loses. Turns out our mothers were always right about coconut oil fixing everything. The cost for this is a mere 85 INR for 150 ml, so you have no reason to ignore this product.

3. Khadi Herbal Shikakai Shampoo

This herbal shampoo promotes some anti-oxidant action and is anti-bacterial. It contains Shikakai, yet another magical ingredient from our youth that kept our tresses gorgeous. It also promotes hair grown and makes your hair soft and frizz free, which is something we especially need in the hot summers. It also keeps your hair hydrated. It costs 115 INR for 210 ml. It is also SLS free and Paraben free.

4. Himalaya Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo

A must have shampoo that conditions as well as battles hair fall? Sign us up. This formula contains eclipta alba that strengthens your roots and uses butea fondosa to fight hair fall. It’s also suitable as a regular shampoo even if you’re a person who doesn’t struggle with hair fall problems. It costs 130 INR for 200 ml.

5. Lotus Herbals Keravedapura Henna Shampoo

This shampoo is an ayurvedic blend of henna, neem, and bhringraj which helps with dandruff, hair fall, itchy scalps and premature whitening of the hair. The henna in the herbal shampoo allows your hair to become thicker and bouncier. This retails for 185 INR for 200 ml. It is suitable for normal to dry hair.

6. Trichup Healthy Long and Strong Shampoo

This shampoo promises “healthy, long and strong” so we’re sure it delivers that. It contains herbs like henna and aloe vera and is perfect for all hair types. It’s a cleanser that cleans the scalp thoroughly and removes all build up without stripping your hair of its essential oils. This natural shampoo also improves the texture and growth of the hair. It also smooths out the hair and lends it the health and shine that it needs. A must have herbal shampoo in the Indian market. The best part? It only costs 60 INR for a 100 ml bottle. #Bargain!

7. Khadi Herbal Saffron, Tulsi and Reetha Shampoo

This mild shampoo contains saffron, which provides protein for your hair. It also contains tulsi, which has anti bacterial properties. Reetha is a natural cleanser. This chemical free shampoo is ideal for people who have problems with itchy scalps, dandruff and dryness. It refreshes the hair and keeps it looking smooth and refreshed. It also helps the hair grow longer and thicker. It is priced at 215 INR for 210 ml . It does not contain any parabens or sulphates either! One of the best herbal shampoos for dry hair.

8. Biotique Bio Margosa Fresh Daily Dandruff Expertise Shampoo and Conditioner

Biotique is an established household name in the aryuvedic game and is a herbal shampoo that can be used for treating problems like hairfall and dandruff. This one contains the beautiful scent of margosa and contains extracts from gandhak, reetha, margosa and other herbs. It is a daily cleanser that’s gentle on the hair and is suitable for all hair types. It is 100 INR for 120 ml.

9. Biotique Bio Green Apple Fresh Daily Purifying Shampoo and Conditioner

Firstly, this shampoo smells delicious. This mild herbal shampoo helps maintain the pH balance of your scalp and improve the overall health of your hair. It helps the hair become revitalized and soothed. This shampoo is ideal for oily hair and people with scalp issues. It helps with itchiness, dandruff and dry scalp.This is also an affordable shampoo at 99 INR for a 120 ml bottle.

10. Forest Essentials Hair Cleanser Bengal Tuberose

Forest Essentials is one of the most luxurious Ayurveda brands in the market and we’re glad to say their hair care line does not disappoint. This ayurvedic shampoo contains a lot of ingredients like amla juice, soya, reetha, coconut oil, sandalwood, vetiver essential oils and herbal infusions. This shampoo helps restore your natural shine and fragrance. It is an effective cleanser that prevents you from getting a bacterial infection. The packaging of this shampoo bottle is pretty sleek, but it should be made known that it comes for a pretty paisa at 775 INR for 200 ml of product.

Bonus entry:

Fab India Lemon Mint Shampoo

The lemon and mint in this shampoo revitalize your hair and also help out with its dullness and dryness. It cleans out the scalp and rebalances the oiliness, giving a bounce to your hair. It is for 350 INR. In order to get the most benefits out of this particular shampoo, it is recommended to leave it on the scalp for 4-5 mins. It’s a gel based shampoo and the mint in it leaves a cooling effect on the head.

So this is our round up of the 10 best herbal shampoos. If you have ones you love, please share it in the comment box below because here at VNA we’d always like to share our best hair care tips with one another. Each of these shampoos do wonders and come at different price points to suit every kind of budget, so take a look at them and try them out and tell us what you think of them.

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  • I have only tried the Himalaya one..yet to try the other one's..Would love to try the FabIndia one... :)

  • Psst. Did you know there are Hairstyling apps(yes they exist) to help you chose, create the right hairstyle. Would love to hear a bit about that.

    • I could look into that! Would be a great topic to explore. Thanks for the feedback.

  • I personally use most of the Patanjali line for my hair (my mother buys it all the time!) And i use the Patanjali Almond hair conditioner and kesh kanti shampoo which works great on my hair. Added tip: leave your conditioner in for 10 mins to really get your ends nourished. Make sure to shampoo only the scalp and condition the rest of your hair. Also, if your hair is like mine (dry, frizzy, wavy) then taking a bit of conditioner (say a tablespoon or 2) and mixing it with like 200 ml of water makes a good detangled and leave in conditioner.

  • antastic results and good for long hairs.i use On&On Maha Bhringraj Herbal Hair Oil and ELEMENTS COMPLETE CARE SHAMPOO

  • I was having very thick hair since my childhood but from three months my hairfall has increased tremendously ,weaker,itchy... Can u suggest me which shampoo is best for hairfall .am a student

  • Very poorly researched article. Most of the shampoos in the list aren't 100% natural. They contain plenty of harmful chemicals. They do not provide the complete list of ingredients and mention only the herbal actives used.

  • India is the first country who invent herbalshampoo in the world. After invention Britisher colonial took this formula to united kingdom and then the formula flourish to all over the world.


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