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10 Best Hair Masks in India for Dry, Frizzy Hair


Top 10 Hair Masks in India for Dry, Damaged, Frizzy Hair with Reviews and Price List

By Contributor: Zikra

Beautiful, lustrous, shiny and healthy locks are craved by every woman right next to having a Kim Kardashian figure. Let’s face it, not even the best of makeup techniques can brighten up a face that has been overshadowed by dull and lifeless hair. Ever looked closely at Kate Middleton? You might spot a dry patch or a few fine lines but never will you be able to pick out a flaw in her lovely and extremely well kept hair. Time to take a lesson from the royals I guess! Nobody likes dry and dull hair. 90% girls suffer from dry and frizzy hair due to heat, chemicals, weather, genes, etc. I have curated a list of the best hair masques in India market which you can buy to get healthy hair.

Who has time to rush to salons or oil up their hair every other night and then there is this added  torture by heat styling tools. So to rescue our hair from all the torture comes one of the most celebrated products used by women all around the world – Hair Masks. Hair Masques are a super quick way of boosting life into your dull  hair and restore it with shine and extra smoothness and ofcourse give it all the love and nutrition it deserves. Here are my top 10 choices from India with price list.

List of Best Hair Masks in India

L’Oreal Professionel Mythic Oil Masque


The Mythic Oil range by L’Oreal has taken the hair care market by storm and this masque does exactly what it claims to. It makes hair super lustrous , shiny and very easy to manage . Although it might not work that well for very  damaged hair. For normal and slightly damaged hair this hair mask works like a boon. The effect lasts for a few days. Adds a beautiful sheen to hair. Price Rs.850 in India.

Expert Serie Volume Expand Masque by L’Oreal


Perfect for giving your hair a sudden boost of volume which lasts for a few days. It adds a very subtle sheen to hair and gives it a beautiful bounce , giving the effect of a voluminized mane . If your hair is limp and lies flat on your face and looks like as if you have a sheet wrapped over your scalp then this deep conditioning mask is your weapon to battle it all and win . Price Rs.600 in India.

Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Q10 Time Restore Treatment


Stuck with chemically treated damaged hair that looks more like scattered hay? Continuous use of this hair masque smoothens your hair, volumizes it,  gives it a very healthy and bouncy look . Basically acts as a magic potion for those with damaged and lifeless hair. Price Rs.900 for 200ml in India.

L’oreal Paris Total Repair 5 Hair Masque


Just like the shampoo from this range, this masque is a must have for me. Somehow it just beautifies my hair and brings it out from the turbulence phase. It isn’t that great if you want super luscious hair but still it improves hair texture to a great extent , adds that healthy bounce to your hair. Price Rs.350 in India.

Organix Org Luxury Moroccan Argan Cream Sheer Opulence Masque


A perfect solution for those who want super luscious and shiny hair instantaneously. Outcomes might vary a bit depending upon your hair type but this won’t disappoint you at all. Perfect for a tamed hairdo, to have that sleek and subtle look before an official event. Price Rs.750 in India.

DIY olive oil , egg white and banana Hair Mask

One of the best weekly home remedies to add shine and volume to your hair. Olive oil penetrates within the hair shaft making it smooth whereas egg white  and banana volumizes and adds the much needed bounce to hair. Keep it on for 15- 20 mins and follow up with a shampoo and conditioner. Make sure you blend it all well or else you will end up with chunks of banana in your hair.

DIY Hair Mask Coconut Oil, Alond Oil, Castor Oil

Mix Olive oil, Coconut oil , Almond oil , Castor oil and drops of your favourite essential oils. Warm up the mixture and thoroughly massage on scalp and through the length of your hair. Keep on for an hour and Shampoo. Trust me you won’t need a conditioner after this one. You can play around with the ingredients on this one but still you will end up with great results.

Matrix Biolage Deep Smoothing Masque


When your hair is all roughed up  due to unlimited heat styling or exposure to pollution and is basically in it’s cactus stage , this masque will act as your saviour !  It definitely does what it claims to do. The hair mask makes hair super smooth and extremely manageable without weighing it down. No serum required after using this masque since the shine and glossiness lasts for a good few days. Price Rs.490 in India.

Schwarzkopf Professional Gliss Shea Cashmere Mask


Want super duper smooth and  bling like shiny hair that would be perfect for a side profile selfie ? This masque is what you need! Although the effect isn’t that long lasting but perfect for using right before an event.  This weapon of glossy shine boost is worth investing in. Price Rs.1350 in India.

Wella Enrich Moisturizing Treatment Mask for Dry and Damaged Hair


Continuous use of this hair masque really helps in rescuing your hair from the barren phase and add life into it. From the very first use , improvement in hair texture is evident and with  regular uses hair condition improves drastically from dull, rough and  frizzy  to smooth , healthy and well manageable. Price Rs.525 in India.

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Which is your favourite hair mask for dry hair? Share your reviews with us.

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