10 Best Foundations for Oily Acne Prone Skin in India

Top 10: Best Foundations for Oily Acne Prone Skin in India with Reviews, Price List

Oily skin!! Most Indian women are blessed with oily and acne prone skin and most of the products (be it skin care or cosmetics) available in India are meant for making our skin more oily in the name of hydration. If you are blessed with super oily skin like mine, you will understand what I am trying to say here. But there are some advantages of having oily skin when rights products are used. Over time Indian cosmetics companies have launched some great foundations for oily skin. Read through this post to find out the list of top ten foundations in India for oily acne prone skin

along with their reviews and price list.

Foundations can be real tricky when you have oily skin. Most of the foundations have oil content that is going to look dewy on dry skin. On the contrary it is going to oilier (or super oily in my case) on oily skin which leads to dirt build up which in turn leads to break outs. Some tips if you are beginner in foundation.

Tips for buying a good foundation: 

  • Always try the foundation on your face for longer time before buying: if you are planning on buying a foundation go with a bare face to a counter and request the SA to put on a matching foundation on one side of the face (if you find your perfect match, this wouldn’t look funny). Then finish the rest of your shopping and if you are satisfied then buy it.
  • Choose a foundation that says oil free and dermetologically tested: Powder foundations and mousse foundations are best for oily skin, but if you find liquid foundations to be more comfortable then prefer an oil free liquid foundation. Choose an oil free (yet hydrating) moisturizer,a mattifying primer.
  • Dab with a tissue: Always dab the excess foundation or oil before applying setting powder. This also avoids cakey look.
  • Use a tool: Some foundations work well with finger tips and some work well with a tool. It is advisable to start with your fingers and if you are not happy then go for a brush or a sponge. It is tricky to find out what works best for your foundation, but once you once you find it out, you are going to love it.
  • Climatic conditions play a major role: Your skin’s texture and tone tends changes with season. Winters are usually drying and summers gift you with oil. So when you buy a foundation keep in mind the climatic condition which you are in.

Having said that, Let me present to you the best foundations suitable for oily skin.

List of Top Ten Foundations for Oily Skin in India

1. Revlon colorstay liquid foundation for oily to combination skin

This is the mother of all foundations (at least in my opinion) and a popular dupe of mac studio fix fluid. There are two variants in this foundation (oily to combo and normal to dry). Trust me you will love the oily skin variant if you have oily skin. This is the best foundation for oily skin. It makes you skin super matte (make sure to use a moisturizer underneath) and when you sweat it comes through the foundation, you can just dab off with a tissue and the foundation does not go anywhere. Price: 895 INR. Quantity: 30 ml

Pros of Revlon Colorstay:

  • Full coverage
  • Matte finish
  • Comes with SPF
  • Hygienic pump packaging
  • Sweat proof
  • Long lasting
  • Doesn’t transfer
  • Non – comedogenic

Cons of Revlon Colorstay:

  • Little drying
  • Shade range is limited in India
  • Oxidizes

2. L’Oreal Paris Magic Nude Liquid Powder foundation

This is another most loved foundation by oily skin. This does the same job as that Revlon colorstay but the coverage is sheer still buildable. L’oreal Magic Nude foundation applies like a liquid foundation and settles down like a powder. This could be your every day foundation if you find your match. You can easily get away with a concealer and this foundation for your base makeup. Price: 899INR. Quantity: 27ml

Pros of Loreal Magic Nude Liquid Powder Foundation:

  • Can be worn as an everyday foundation
  • Added SPF of 18
  • Good shade range
  • No setting powder needed
  • Oil free, non-comedogenic
  • No tools required, can be applied with your fingers
  • Attractive packaging
  • Transfer proof

Cons of Loreal Magic Nude Liquid Powder Foundation:

  • Low coverage
  • No pump dispenser

3. Maybelline Fit me Matte and Poreless Foundation:

This is definitely a mention worthy foundation. This gives a semi matte finish and medium coverage. Great for people with oily skin. This foundation fills into pores nicely and gives an almost flawless finish. This is my current favourite foundation. If you are a beginner in foundation then go for this one. Trust me this won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Price: 525INR. Quantity: 30ml

Pros of Maybelline Fit Me Foundation:

  • Semi matte finish
  • Very affordable
  • Cute packaging (admit it, we all like that cuteness)
  • Blends effortlessly
  • Doesn’t oxidize

Cons of of Maybelline Fit Me Foundation:

  • No pump dispenser, product gets everywhere on the lid and around the neck
  • Limited shade range in India
  • Lasting power, lasts 5 to 6 hours only
  • T- zone gets oily after 3 hours
  • Transfers a little
  • Pores look larger after sometime
  • There are two variants in the US but sadly one has been launched in India
  • No SPF

4. Mac Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation:

This is a powder based foundation which provides a good coverage. This compact comes handy when you do not have time for blending liquid or cream based foundation. Mac studio fix powder plus foundation blends in pretty nicely because of its finely milled nature. If you find your perfect match (which you will find in mac always) this doesn’t look cakey or made up. Price: 1800INR. Quantity: 15g

Pros of MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation:

  • Good coverage
  • Lasts longer (more than 7 hours)
  • Comes with a good mirror and sponge
  • Shade range is amazing

Cons of of MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation:

  • Pricey
  • Less quantity for such a price

5. Bourjois Radiance Reveal Healthy Mix foundation

This is a boon for oily acne prone skin. This little guy will almost cover up all you acne and acne scars and give you a healthy glow. It does not clog your pores and makes your skin breathe. The texture of this foundation is extremely smooth and blends like a dream. Price: 1080INR. Quantity: 1 oz.

Pros of Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation:

  • Smooth texture
  • Medium to full coverage
  • Extremely blendable

Cons of of Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation:

  • No SPF
  • Pricey

6. Chambor sheer delight ultra matt foundation

Chambor sheer delight ultra matt foundation is very good for oily skin. It has mousse like consistency and sheer coverage. Once you apply this to your face it settles down to a mousse/powder finish. Chambor sheer foundation controls oil and keeps face matte for a good 6 to 7 hours. You don’t need a primer or a setting powder. But make sure to moisturize your face nicely as you do not want a patchy application. Once you start dotting this on you face and blending it almost melts and disappears into your skin. Price: 890INR. Quantity: 30ml

Pros of Chambor Sheer Delight Ultra Matt Foundation:

  • As the name suggests – Ultra matt
  • lasting power – lasts easily for a good 7 hours
  • convenient tube packaging – travel friendly
  • mousse consistency
  • easily blendable

Cons of of Chambor Sheer Delight Ultra Matt Foundation:

  • T-Zone gets oily in about 4 hours
  • Very sheer coverage
  • Pricey for a light coverage foundation
  • Gets patchy if not moisturized properly
  • No added SPF

7. L’Oreal Paris 24H Infallible Liquid Foundation

L’oreal infalliable foundation is a full coverage matte foundation. I have love and hate relationship with this foundation. This will cover all your acne and scars, shade range is amazing. No cakey feeling whatsoever. But your face gets oily after sometime. This foundation broke me out but I have not heard this problem from anyone who used it. So I gave this to my mom and she loves it, it doesn’t break her skin out. I am not sure if this is due to the reaction with any other product that I am using. I suggest you to try this foundation in a counter and wait till next day to buy (I know this sounds crazy). Price: 1325INR. Quantity: 30ml

Pros of L’Oreal 24H Infallible Foundation:

  • Matte finish
  • Full coverage
  • Good shade range
  • Convenient pump dispenser – dispenses little product at a time
  • SPF 18 added
  • Lasts all day

Cons of of L’Oreal 24H Infallible Foundation:

  • Oil peeks through after 4 hours
  • Might not suit sensitive skin
  • Product gets messy around the dispenser
  • Pricey
  • Not travel friendly – packaging being bulky and glass

8. Lakme Absolute Mattreal Skin Natural Mousse

Lakme absolute Mousse foundation has a mousse consistency and blends effortlessly. If you are working and you do not have much time for makeup then you must try this one. This foundation comes in a cute packaging and suits oily skin very well. Price: 700INR. Quantity: 25g

Pros of Lakme Absolute Mousse Foundation:

  • Effortlessly blendable
  • Looks natural on the skin
  • Stays very well
  • Exceptional oil control
  • Attractive packaging – stands out from all the others

Cons of of Lakme Absolute Mousse Foundation:

  • Light coverage – if you have acne or scars this wouldn’t cover them
  • Pricey for such low coverage foundation
  • Unhygienic tub packing
  • Very low sun protections – SPF 8
  • Limited shade range

9. Colorbar Ultimate Mousse Foundation

This is the best colorbar foundation available for oily skin. Being a mousse this blends like a dream. Chances are that you may not find your match since only 3 shades available. This foundation stays pretty well (5 to 6 hours). When colorbar launched this foundation this was priced for around 500 and the company raised the price to 725 in a week which was shocking. Price: 725INR. Quantity: 15g

Pros of Colorbar Ultimate Mousse Foundation:

  • Mousse texture
  • Blendable
  • Fits in your hand bag
  • No flash back
  • Minimizes pores
  • Tiny glass packaging

Cons of of Colorbar Ultimate Mousse Foundation:

  • Low coverage
  • Limited shades
  • Very less quantity for such price
  • Oxidizes, makes your face look orange sometimes

10. Lakme 9 to 5 Weightless Mousse Foundation

Another latest mousse foundation from Lakme. This provides light to almost non-existent coverage. Mattifies skin pretty nice. Makes the skin velvety to feel and see. The velvety feel stays all day with no sign oil. Doesn’t look cakey when tried building up. Blurs the imperfections and gives a natural almost flawless finish to the skin. Limited shade range, if you are someone who is above NC42 you may not find your match. Price: 575INR. Quantity: 29gms

Pros of Lakme 9 to 5 Weightless Mousse:

  • Lightweight
  • Velvety finish
  • Blendable
  • Doesn’t breakout
  • Tube packaging
  • Controls oil

Cons of Lakme 9 to 5 Weightless Mousse:

  • Very limited shade range
  • Coverage of this foundation is lower than lakme CC cream

Those were the best foundations for oily and acne prone skin available in the Indian market. Almost all these foundations have detailed reviews and swatches on VNA which you can read by clicking on their links. Comment below on which is your favourite foundation. So, who is going some foundation shopping today!

By Contributor: Vaanathi

Which is your favourite foundation for oily skin? Share your reviews with us.

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