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10 Best Foundation Brushes Available in India


Top 10: Best Foundation Brushes Available in India, Reviews, Price List, Types of Brushes

The never-ending battle between our skin and sanity! (sob) Let’s face it, guys, as much as we wish our skin would cooperate with us all the time, it is exactly like a stubborn and spoilt child, tending to do as it pleases,acting with a mind of its own, with no regard to our feelings or preferences whatsoever. However, to ensure you are making the most out of this skin saviour, you need to use a perfect foundation brush as well. Read on for a guide on the types of foundation brushes on what brush goes best with which foundation, techniques to applying foundation for a flawless look and the best foundation brushes in India to buy with prices and reviews.

God forbid if we have a first date, or a big presentation lined up the next day when you have skin issue! Terror ensues when we wake up fresh in the morning, only to find a gigantic pimple sitting proudly smack in the middle of our forehead. Thankfully, we have quite an arsenal of disciplinary tools to make our unruly skin behave: our favorite one being foundation. Armed with magical powers that conceal, brighten, cover and smooth, it is pretty much the go-to tool for whenever our skin starts acting up or gets rebellious. Whilst it might seem to be totally unnecessary to opt for a brush when our good old fingers do the trick, investing in a good foundation brush is a must if you want that flawless airbrushed or dewy look. Moreover, fingers don’t always reach into those tricky corners(I, for my own part, can never seem to get foundation till the very ends of the inner corners of my eyelids), and that’s where brushes come into play. The best part is that different brushes give you different finishes, so you can get three completely different looks with just one single type of foundation, and three different brushes

List of Best Foundation Brushes in India

MAC Duo Fibre Face Brush #187: the best foundation brush


The one brush in the list without which your brush collection is incomplete! Not only does it work well with full-coverage liquid or crème foundations, but also works a pressed powder foundation or gel with equal efficiency. Made from an ultra-soft blend of goat hair and synthetic fibres, it is that super-soft yet super-sturdy and durable brush that you NEED to have in your kitty. Agreed, it is pretty expensive, but a good makeup brush stays with you for ages, and this certainly is an excellent investment. What are you waiting for?! Go pick up this fuzzy-wuzzy baby! Price: INR 2550. Brush type: Duo Fibre

Clinique Foundation Brush: for liquid foundations


Since this brush screams C-L-I-N-I-Q-U-E in every angle of its gorgeous avatar, you can blindly rely on it. <3 I did, and not surprisingly, I was impressed beyond words. Armed with a unique antibacterial technology that ensures a high level of hygiene, this brush is as soft as it is sturdy, which makes it a makeup tool must-have. Foundation blends in like a dream when applied with this brush, and the best part is that it does not shed at all. In fact, I haven’t noticed a single bristle out of place ever since I picked it up, and I admit that I’m not exactly too gentle on my makeup tools either. Though a bit on the pricier edge, this is certainly a must-buy! Price: INR 1800. Brush Type: Flat Foundation Brush

Shiseido Perfect Foundation Brush: Luxury foundation brush in India

When you combine Shiseido’s state-of-the-art technology with traditional Japanese brush-making techniques you end up with the perfect foundation brush that provides the perfect foundation finish. And truly, their perfect foundation brush is perfect in every way! It is a nifty little multitasker even though it is primarily a tapered foundation brush. Liquid, cream or powder foundation, this brush applies it all. The strands are slanted at an angle so that the brush can reach all the contours of your face—especially the fiddly bits like the contours of your nose, eyes and lips. The bristles are soft yet durable, and do not shed at all. But the best part? The magical way the brush makes skin look absolutely flawless, perfect and airbrushed even with drugstore foundation! Really an awesome buy! Price: INR 1950. Brush Type: Tapered Foundation Brush

The Body Shop Nature’s Minerals Foundation Brush: for mineral foundations


This is the cutest little kabuki brush that I’ve ever come across! Large, fluffy, and round, it is a high-density brush that ensures just the right amount of loose powder is held in place between the bristles for progressive release and a smooth, even coverage. It blends mineral powder foundation, pressed powder foundation and even liquid foundation with equal efficiency-a big thumbs up for that! The bristles are velvety soft, and wins hand down when it comes to that luxurious touch against our face that we crave for in our brushes. However, don’t be fooled by its softness, this brush is super-sturdy and can easily last you many years. Certainly a great investment! Price: INR 1145. Brush Type: Kabuki Brush

Bharat and Dorris Stippling Foundation Brush: best stippling brush

Who said that good things don’t come cheap?! Bharat and Dorris, a brand that’s the brainchild of Indian makeup artists Bharat Godambe and Dorris Godambe, has the magical powers to make even ordinary mortals like us look akin to cover girls and supermodels, and all at a wonderfully affordable price!<3 Their stippling foundation brush is pretty much the best stippling brush that the market has to offer at this price. Made of a luxè blend of goat hair and synthetic strands, it can easily be confused with the traditional duo fibre brush, like that from M.A.C, but this is essentially a stippling brush. It smoothens out foundation to a perfectly smooth and even finish, and requires only a pea-sized amount of product for even a full coverage look. Major brownie points for that! It doesn’t bleed or shed much at all, even while cleaning the brush. Like they say, poora paisa-vasool! Price: INR 690 (it comes in three sizes-small, medium and large; this price is for the medium sized one) Brush Type: Stippling Foundation Brush

Lakme Absolute Foundation Brush: best budget brush in India


A medium sized rounded foundation brush, this brush is one of the many newbies launched in the new Absolute range from Lakme. Classy is the first word that comes to mind when you see this sleek, matte black beauty. The bristles are densely packed, ensuring an even, streak-free application of your foundation. Due to its rounded paddle head, it is perfect for both liquid and powder foundation alike, and applies both with equal efficiency. A bit overpriced for a Lakmé brush, but a good buy nonetheless! Price: INR 475. Brush Type: Rounded Foundation Brush

Sigma F80 Kabuki Brush: best kabuki brush


This is probably second only to the kabuki from TBS in terms of softness! But it certainly has no match when you need a foundation brush, which is why this is high on my priority list. The F80 Kabuki features a fluffy, flat top brush head. With the flat top kabuki and the luxuriously soft strands made from 100% natural fibres, it is perfect for that diffused foundation effect we see on runway models and cover girls, and crave on our own faces. Fret not, it’s just a Sigma F80 brush away! Price: USD $22 to $28(approx. INR 1460 to INR 1850) Brush Type: Kabuki Foundation Brush

Faces 2-in-1 Foundation and Condenser Concealer Brush: best 2 in 1 brush


At this price tag, this brush is a dream come true! It is hands-down one of the few good precision brushes available in the market(let’s face it girls, makeup br ushes are still a highly underrated thing in the market, and finding the perfect brush that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket is nothing short of a nightmare). The best part? It is perfect both as a precise foundation brush and concealer brush! Who doesn’t love 2-in-1 stuff? Don’t be fooled by the dream price tag though, Faces have not compromised on quality even once, for the bristles are ultra-soft, and though I did expect some shedding, they did not shed even once! Don’t even think twice before buying this! Price: INR 249. Brush Type: Precision Brush

Vega Foundation Brush: best beginner brush in India


If you’re new to makeup and/or makeup brushes, then Vega is the best bet for you. At this price, these brushes are the best that you can get, and they are perfect for newbies and veterans of makeup alike. The brush comes in a flat domed shaped avatar, and the slightly pointy top makes it perfect to reach into the fiddly bits like the contours of the nose and inner corners of the eyes. The lush, dense bristles do a fabulous job at spreading the foundation evenly on your face and blending it with your natural complexion without leaving any streaks behind. What’s really impressive is that the bristles are really, really soft, and do not shed! Go, go, go and buy! Price: INR 149. Brush Type: Tapered Foundation Brush

Beauty Blender Makeup Sponge:


This is THE Holy Grail of all makeup tools, especially foundation brushes. Invented by top Hollywood makeup artist Rea Ann Silva, Beauty blender’s patented elliptical shape makes application foolproof by allowing you to access hard-to-reach areas with stunning ease. Its suede texture is sensual to the touch and its unique curves fit the contours of your face, leaving your makeup dazzling and undetectable. A much raved about product, this hot pink sponge has revolutionized the way makeup works. In fact, it is so popular that they’ve got dupes everywhere, from Real Techniques to Sephora! But don’t settle for anything but the original BeautyBlender, even if the price tag seems scary! This one sponge is pretty much all you need for a perfect, airbrushed finish with no visible flaws whatsoever! Our blogger-in-chief Anshita louuves it.

Usage: Dampen the sponge and use the round base in a stippling (bouncy) motion on your forehead, cheeks and chin and the pointed side for the tricky areas. It looks tiny, but when damp, it increases to double the size. Price: $30

As a teenager, I was pretty much the biggest nerd in my social circle. For me, makeup was unknown territory, and foundation pretty much meant that horrible, heavy liquid that I was forced to wear when there was a wedding. Hence, when I first heard about the vast variety of foundation brushes, I was flabbergasted to say the least! Whilst most of you here are not as illiterate as I was when it comes to dealing with makeup, the sheer number of brushes, their usage, application techniques, etc, can leave even the best of us a bit dumbfounded. Fret not, for I’ve compiled a complete guide on foundation brushes, which includes everything that you need to know for acing the foundation game like a pro!



  1. Tapered Foundation Brush: Also called a flat paddle brush. Flexible bristles and gently tapered edges make this brush perfect for applying and blending liquid and cream foundations. Start in the areas of the face need the most coverage and use downward strokes for the smoothest, most natural application.
  2. Rounded Foundation Brush: The densely packed bristles pick up and distribute product evenly. The round, domed shape allow the bristles to blend as they brush. The result is a streak-free, flawless finish for any liquid, cream or powder foundation.
  3. Flat Foundation Brush: The flat rounded tip makes blending around the contours of the face a breeze. Use one side to apply foundation to the contours of the nose, under-eye circles, brow bone, jawline, etc, and then flip it over and use the clean side to blend.
  4. Precision Brush: Though often mistaken to be a concealer brush, it us apt for getting your foundation to those hard-to-reach places. This brush is smaller and comes to a point allowing for more precise application. Use it to cover up blemishes and littler imperfections and to clean up the lines after applying a bold lip color.
  5. Fluff Brush: Also called a kabuki brush. Loosely packed bristles make for one big, fluffy brush with a rounded shape. Use it with loose or pressed powder foundations, just shake off the excess before using sweeping motions to brush it across the face.
  6. Angled Brush: The angled shape allows for more precise shading, which is great for contouring. Softer, fluffy angled brushes are great for applying loose powder foundation, mineral powder foundation or gel foundation. Angled brushes with stiffer, more densely packed bristles can be used for more controlled contouring.
  7. Stippling Brush: This brush provides the lightest application of pigment for a sheer finish. Use it as your foundation brush to achieve a soft, airbrushed effect. It can also be used in a stippling motion to evenly press cream brush onto the cheeks.
  8. Duo Fibre Brush: Made from a blend of goat hair and synthetic fibres this brush is ideal for buffing and blending colour. The flat, circular, feathery head provides lightweight and buildable coverage of liquid, cream or powder.

Now that you’ve got an idea about the types of foundation brushes, let’s move on to which foundation goes best with which brush:

Which brushes for Liquid Foundations:

Coverage: Medium. Good for: All skin types

Apply with: Tapered foundation brush: Using a tapered foundation brush, “paint” the liquid foundation onto your face using short, downward and outward strokes. Pat and blend to erase any telltale lines or creases.

Stippling brush: A stippling brush will give you sheerer coverage than a foundation brush. Use a stippling motion to blend and press the foundation all over your face for a light, glowy finish.

Rounded foundation brush: Blend the liquid foundation into your face, alternating between swirling and stroking motions.

Beauty sponge: A beauty sponge will give you a natural finish but also allow you to build up coverage. Wet your beauty sponge, squeeze out any excess water and gently press the foundation into your skin. If you are using a round beauty sponge, use a rolling motion to blend the foundation into your skin.

Which brushes for Mineral/Loose Powder:

Coverage: Light to Medium. Good for: Oily/combination skin

Apply with: Fluff or kabuki brush: The easiest way to apply loose mineral foundation is with a round, fluufy kabuki brush. Use the brush and swirl around to pick up the powder; then apply all over your face using a buffing, swirling motion. Pay special attention to the nose, forehead and other areas you may need extra shine coverage.

Rounded foundation brush: As an alternative to a kabuki brush, some people prefer using a rounded foundation brush to apply loose powder foundation. The coverage will be sheerer and is often used on top of a liquid or cream foundation.

Which brushes for Pressed Powder:

Coverage: Medium to Full. Good for: Oily/combination skin, on-the-go touch ups

Apply with: Kabuki brush: If you are using a pressed powder as your only form of foundation, use a kabuki brush to achieve the same finish as if you were using a loose powder.

Beauty Sponge: For a more opaque finish, wet a beauty sponge and use it to apply the pressed powder to your face in dabbing motion.

Rounded foundation brush: The round, domed shape of this brush allows you to distribute powder foundation evenly. Swish the brush back and forth over the powder foundation using short, back-and-forth strokes, then press the powder in a slight rolling motion all over your skin for a smooth finish that doesn’t look caked-on.

Puff: Many pressed powders come with their own puff – use this for on-the-go touchups by patting the powder over any oil-prone sections like your nose or forehead.

Which brushes for Cream foundations:

Coverage: Full. Good for: Mature skin, special occasions, covering birthmarks, pigmentation and acne scars

Apply with: Tapered foundation brush: Since cream foundations are emollient-based, they are perfect for filling in wrinkles and covering hyper-pigmentation. Use a tapered foundation brush to paint the foundation onto your skin, starting from the center of your face and working outwards. Stipple and pat in the foundation afterwards to blend in any streaks.

Beauty sponge: For a sheerer finish, use a beauty sponge with your cream foundation. Apply as you would a liquid foundation, paying extra care to blend and roll the product into your skin for even coverage.

Which brushes for Gel foundations:

Coverage: Light to Medium. Good for: All skin types (especially dry skin)

Apply with: Tapered foundation brush, rounded foundation brush, stippling brush, or beauty sponge: The difference between gel foundations and liquid foundations are in the ingredients: gel foundations are usually oil-free and water-based, which make them great for dry-skinned ladies. Apply in the same way as you would your favorite liquid foundation.

With so many brands out there in the market, it is not easy to choose. No worries, I’ve got you covered! I hope you enjoyed the list of the best brushes for your face. So there you have, everything you ever need to know about foundation brushes! I’m writing after a long long time, and boy did I miss this! Happy to be back!

By Contributor: Roshni

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Which is your favourite foundation brush? Share your reviews with us.

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