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10 Best Face Primers for Oily Skin in India

10 best primers for oily skin in india

Best Face Primers for Oily Skin in India – My Top 10

By Contributor: Srishti

Ok..So this post took me good two days as it required a lot of thought because there are just too many primers in India right from the drugstore brands to high end brands. NYX, L’Oreal, MAC, Inglot, Clinique, Colorbar, Benefit, MUFE, Smashbox, Bourjois..every brand has one! But I narrowed down the scope to be specific for oily skin type or it would have become too general. Primers, which are the makeup saviors for flawless skin, are generally not given the due importance that they deserve. They seal oil in the skin and act as an assistant to finished look of the face by giving the skin the right tone and texture making the foundation and makeup stay longer on the face than it generally does plus easing out the natural creases that tend to appear on the eye shadow as       the day ends. Some even target discoloration, dryness and blemishes. The ones with silica work best. Here are the best primers for oily skin (not in any particular order)

 1. Colorbar Perfect Match Primer

best primer for oily skin in india

It is a silicone based and makes your skin smooth and soft thus making your base makeup glide on easily. It minimizes open pores and keeps my face oil-free through out the day even in humid weather. It also keeps foundations and BB creams stay put which I absolutely love. If you are looking for a primer than this one is a great product and you should definitely buy it. (Price Rs.750)

 2. Revlon Photoready Color Correcting Primer

best primer for oily skin in india

This light weight primer makes skin matte and very soft. It reduces the appearance of pores and lines on the face. It has the capacity to be worn alone. You would not need to pay heed to sweating off of makeup. (Rs. 1200 for 27 ml).

 3.    MUA Matte Perfect Primer

best primer for oily skin in india

It doesn’t give much coverage, but it does make the skin look a bit more even. It gives more of a satin, rather than a matte finish. It’s brilliant value for money and the fact only a small amount is needed every time makes the tube lasts for ages. It comes with a great oil control ability. (£4 for 15ml)

4.    MAC Matte Creme

best primer for oily skin in india

This mattifying gel adds sheer, non-shine matte texture in one smooth velvety texture. The dried smooth matte finish helps to reduce and control the amount of oil on the face transforming your skin into a perfect canvas for your foundation.($21 for 22ml)

5. Benefit The POREfessional Primer

best primer for oily skin in india

It is a silicone based primer that does well on hiding the pores and controlling oil shine making the skin look flawless. It also does well if worn in emergency without makeup. It stays good for a long time on the face. But for a 22ml amount it is quite expensive. (Rs2230 at sephora / Rs3810 at few online sites)

6.    Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer Light

best primer for oily skin in india

This oil-free, 60% water based primer is ideal for oily, acne-prone or sensitive skin. As highly as internationally recognized and recommended it is, it is also highly expensive hence not recommendable unless you are the splurging types. I don’t think its available on any store in India except two online websites namely –beautykafe.com (Rs.5616) and junglee.com. (Rs.5000).

Clinique launched a set of six superprimers , the best and most used being the redness and discoloration correctors.

7. Clinique Superprimer Face Primer – Color Corrects Redness and Color Corrects Discolorations

best primer for oily skin in india

I like two of the six primers Clinique has. Color Corrects Redness is a light weight oil free primer that is especially concerned with the redness issue of skin of many pretty ladies out there. It can be worn alone if you are time bound but recommended with a foundation at least for better results. (Rs 1710) Color Corrects Discolorations is a lightweight, oil-free primer for girls with brown spots; acne scarring or uneven skin tone as it helps color corrects for a range of complexion concerns, especially blemishes, so makeup glides on evenly and gets an even-toned start. (Rs 1710)

8. L’oreal Paris Base Magique Transforming Smoothing Primer

best primer for oily skin in india

It is a thick creamy primer but still light weight and smooths out the lines and wrinkles on the face. It also takes care of the open pores. The light rosy colour adds a soft glow to the face and keeps oil at bay. It makes the foundation last for a really long time. But it is full of silicones which some girls are allergic to because they can result in acne. Baring that, one of the best primers for oily skin in the Indian market.

9. Clarins Instant Smooth Primer

best primer for oily skin in india

This award winning primer is said to work like magic to minimize the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and pores with vitamin-E being the key protective ingredient. It also supplements as an anti aging formula. (Rs 1600 for 15ml but I think there has been some recent price hike)

 10. Inglot Under Makeup Base

best primer for oily skin in india

The gel based formula gives the skin smooth silky finish due to presence of silica. Though it does well on working to fight oil and making the makeup last longer, it fails in hiding the pores and fine lines properly like it is meant to. Not Recommended for acne prone skin. (Rs.900 for 30ml)

So these are the best primers available in India according to me. There are many more but that’s for another post.

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Which is the best primer in India for oily skin according to you. Share your views with us.

31 thoughts on “10 Best Face Primers for Oily Skin in India”

  1. I love the Loreal one. I have acne prone skin but somehow this has worked for me so far *touchwood* I want to give the Colorbar one a try after this. Great post :)

  2. Hi, Plz help me with a primer which works best with Krylon supra color palette(Cream foundation oil base formula) so silicon water based primers r not compatible wid it…r oil based primers good for oily skin..

  3. My recent pick is this one called ORIFLAME THE ONE RANGE ILLUSKIN FACE PRIMER. I’m honestly in love with this one and its amazing texture. If you’ve been looking for something to hold your makeup for a good few hours, this is one Primer you should definitely buy.

  4. good to read your articles.. the amount of information you share is worth applauding.. :) good update on primers.. I don’t use makeup much.. but MAC and Maybelline are my favorite brands..

  5. Thanks for the wonderful article. I’ve a quick question. I have dry skin can you suggest me primer.Looking forward to get a reply soon.Thank you in advance

  6. It’s a nice article. Since I have oily skin, these tips are quite useful to me before I decide on which primer to buy for myself. Thanks for sharing such information.

  7. You don’t look oily, necessarily, but you do look a little cakey. I know when I used to have to matte down my skin I would always end up over-applying powder because I didn’t want to be shiny and I wanted everything to stay in place. Then I’d go outside and realize I looked grainy.

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