10 Best Eyeshadow Base/Primers Available in India

My Top 10 Eye Shadow Primers in India

By Contributor: Mamta

Eye makeup holds a lot of importance these days, to an extent that proper eye makeup itself changes the whole look, and then eyes do rest of the talking. If you love experimenting with eye makeup and different col ors then you would be very well aware of the fact that an eye shadow primer or a base is indispensable.  Whether you are a beginner or an expert in eye makeup a good eye primer can be an answer to most of your eye shadow problems. And even the best quality eye shadows need a good base to pop and stay crease proof for longer.

I have oily eye lids, and there is absolutely no way I can skip an eye shadow  primer as all my hard work and eye shadows disappear barely after few hours of application. So here are my 10 best eye shadow primers available in India, to make your eye shadows last longer and to intensify their color.

1. NYX High Definition Eye shadow Base

This one has a creamy liquid consistency, it intensifies the color of your eye shadows and seals them in place for 8-10 hours easily even for oily eyelids and completely prevents any creasing or fading. One of the best I have used so far and is easily available at Sephora India. Price: Rs 650.

2. Kryolan Eye shadow base

This neutral colored base has a smooth consistency and is completely matte. It increases the pigmentation of eye shadows and makes them last longer without fading. Price: Rs 500.

3. Faces Metaliglow Eye Primer

This one is a shimmery eye primer and works well with all the shimmer eye shadows and adds a nice sheen to them. If you like shimmery eye shadows then it is a great option to try as it makes eye shadows stay for really long on oily eyelids without creasing. Price: Rs 699.

4. Mac Painterly Paint Pot

This is one of the cult favorites, the neutral cream base covers any discoloration on your eyelids and makes the eye shadows look much brighter, and it does not crease at all and extends the wear time of eye shadows making them last for the whole day. Price: Rs 1450.

5. Revlon Photo Ready Eye Primer + Brightener

Now this one is a dual product, but it works greatly as an eye primer. The brush applicator applies the product evenly and makes the eye shadows stay on for much longer than usual. Price: Rs 1200.

6. Inglot Eye Makeup Base

This one comes in a pot and makes the eye shadows appear more vibrant along with working well on dry as well as oily eye lids. It prevents them from creasing and fading. Price: Rs 420.

7. Deborah Milano 24 Ore Perfect Eye Primer

The Deborah one comes in a convenient tube form and makes a very noticeable difference in the eye shadow application. It makes an extremely smooth base for shadows and prevents any creasing. Price: Rs 495.

8. NYX Eye shadow Base

Unlike the Nyx HD base this one comes in a pot form and is available in three shades white, pear and skin tone. Skin tone shade is suitable for most skin tones as it goes with all eye shadows. The base has a very creamy finish and is most suitable for dry to normal eye lids. Price Rs 550.

9. Maybelline Eye studio Color tattoo

These are often said to be dupes on Mac paint pots, and are available in many shades. They work excellently as eye shadow base making them last much longer and preventing creasing, a must have for everyone and great budget option. Price:  Rs 350.

10. NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil Milk

The jumbo eye pencil works as an excellent eye shadow base, and the color milk is matte white which instantly pops eye shadows and prevents them from creasing and fading. Price: Rs 425.

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