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10 Best Eyelash Curlers Available in India


Top 10: Best Eyelash Curlers Available in India with Reviews and Price List

By Contributor: Sanchita

It took me a lot of time to master the art of eye makeup but somewhere and somehow I couldn’t get, what we call a ‘perfect’ eye makeup look. And then eyelash curler happened to me. And boy! There isn’t any looking back ever since. Indians are known to have expressive and beautiful eyes and therefore to add up the glam quotient to our eyes, eye lash curler does a great job in not only enhancing them but also adds a dreamy touch to it. I have compiled a list of the top eyelash curlers available in the Indian market. I have added both the drugstore and high end brands along with their prices and reviews so you can choose the one that suits you.

My droopy long eye lashes literally came to life and changed to those fluttery cute lashes that transformed my look completely. Well, honestly speaking, the eye lash curler thing wasn’t unknown to me but somehow the tool looked too complicated to me for usage and then I thought “What will this little thing do!” Ah! Silly me, I know. If only someone told me that my eyes would open up like a doll and give me the desired look I have been looking for since ages! It is definitely true that the curlers are slightly difficult to use initially especially when it comes for grip and hold but that doesn’t mean it is problematic at all. All you need to do is put in a bit of patience and practice. Once you have become proficient at the art of using the eyelash curler, then I would say ‘let your eyes do the talking for you’.

List of My Favourite Eyelash Curlers in India:

Colorbar Showstopper eyelash curler


In terms of quality and availability, this is the best curler you can use both professionally and personally. It comes with a pinch proof function along with the cushiony grip handles are aimed for total ease. The bright fuchsia outlook is another feature that you would love to have in your kitty. Price in India is Rs.525.

Inglot Professional Eyelash Curler


Inglot brings a perfect pinch-proof professional, steel eyelash curler which is aimed to draw attention to the beauty of the eye. With a simple ‘squeeze and release’ motion, it lifts and curls the eyelashes, and is the perfect way to define them. Forget MAC, Inglot curlers give the same quality at half the price. PRICE 1140INR

Vega Premium Eye lash curler


The most budget friendly option when you’re a beginner in eye makeup and do not want to invest in a pro product yet you want the effective one for the lashes. With a durable construction and long lasting feature, it does a great job in curling and hold the lashes making eyes look brighter and wider. A beginner vega curler is also available in India but the pro curler is better. PRICE 150INR

Shiseido Eye lash curler


This Japanese brand bring a well-designed eye lash curler for perfectly contoured for ease of use and to give you beautifully dramatic lashes. It has a sturdy body and comes with a replaceable rubber pad. Although priced at a slightly higher range, it is something worth having. Raved not just in India but all over the world by beauty bloggers, youtube gurus, makeup artists and just every girl! Undoubtedly the best eyelash curler if you have the budget. PRICE approx. 1500INR

The Body Shop Eye Lash Curler


A luxurious slim sleek metal design with a perfect handles help in leveraging precise amount of pressure while curling and to hold and gently press to achieve the dreamy lashes. It has a professional touch to it and can be handled rather smoothly even when you’re in a hurry. Again a good lash curler by TBS. PRICE 425 INR

Basicare Euro Eyelash Curler


Basicare is an under rated brand when it comes to the amazing tools. The Euro eye lash curler is a great option when you don’t want to invest in big bucks. It fits your natural shape of the yes perfectly and gives you a well-defined eye lashes with a very sturdy handle that gives a perfect hold on the curler. PRICE 265INR

Konad Eyelash Curler


A fancy looking competent colored handle for precise hold and grip and a sturdy stainless steel, the brands claims to give you the dramatic eyelashes. The product also provides you with an extra rubber pad for replacement. For the price, the curling tool is a steal. PRICE 450INR

Oriflame Eyelash Curler


With a simple robust metallic body along with a perfect grip on the handle for smooth closing and opening function, the eye lash curler gives you a fluttery lashes with the soft rubber pad yet it is extremely gentle for your eyes when you’re a beginner with curlers. PRICE 199 INR

QVS Eyelash Curler Black Spring


With a unique spring technology, the eye lash curler gives you professionally groomed look to your lashes and helps the eyes in looking wider and brighter. The spring gives the correct mount of pressure to curl without damaging the eye lashes and comes with two extra silicon pads. PRICE 350INR

Laura Merceir Eyelash Curler


The last but not the least, a professional eye lash curler that Uplifts & improves the eye lashes to make your eyes appear big & sharp. The easy handle helps you exerting the right amount of pressure without damaging the lashes and the cushion pad for long lasting curls without pinching the delicate eyes. Quite a catchy design for a curler. Price in India: approx. Rs.4800

A lot of electric eyelash curlers are available in India (like the sephora eyelash curling tools) which have a heating mechanism to curl efficiently but in the long run they can be harmful. You shouldn’t heat up and curl your lashes everyday. If you want you can turn your basic curler into a heated curler by putting it under a blow drier on the device for 30 secs. Voila DIY heated eyelash curler!

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Which is your favourite eyelash curler? Share your reviews with us.

11 thoughts on “10 Best Eyelash Curlers Available in India”

  1. Currently using a curler from a brand called Vivo! Got it in my last month’s FAB BAG. Does it job decently! But I want that Colorbar one! Love everything pink <3

  2. I have both colorbar and the Qvs one. Colorbar one is more fun to use.. I use the curler after mascara application which gives maximum results!

    • If you’re looking for a good, long lasting and cost-effective one – I would say go for either Colorbar or TBS one.


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