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10 Best DIY Homemade Hair Growth Hair Tonic Recipes

Top 10 DIY Homemade Hair Tonics for Hair Growth

Being beautiful and looking beautiful are different things altogether. Looking beautiful is temporary; being beautiful is inherent and full of hard work and efforts. A few of us are really blessed with great looks and healthy shiny hair while I fall in that quintessential other category, not slim and suffers from hair loss problem. I was never into looking slim. A foodie, who is lazy, has to be mentally prepared to be thick and voluptuous. But with advent of time and age, the repair fact or got into my system and I decided to maintain my strengths, and, cover my weaknesses. So, foodie took a backseat, and I got into the repair mode.

With time I started facing hair fall and split ends, its when I realised I needed the best possible hair solution or a magical hair tonic for hair growth and getting healthy thick hair.

From Where Did I Learn Homemade Hair Tonic Recipes?

After my daughter’s birth, hair fall made a roaring and soaring debut in my life. Not just hair fall, but dry, dull hair, with split ends and dandruff ruled my scalp for almost a year, until I decided to change my life for better. Hail my Grandmother! I did try a few permutations and combinations of hair tonic recipes, and after following some sincere advice from my grandma, I decided to share the best hair growth tonics with you. Before I mark the findings, I will say that the results will vary. So please exercise your experience and wisdom before trying these hair care tips!

Best Homemade Hair Tonics Recipes for Healthy Hair

1. Ginger Onion Hair Tonic

Onions are supposed to help in hair growth. Ginger is supposed to regulate the circulation of blood from scalp to the tip of hair strands making your hair long and shiny. You can choose either as well. If your hair growth is scanty, go for Onion juice, and if, dull, split ends bother you, then go for Ginger juice. This recipe is really simple to make and you have to apply the ginger juice on the scalp, leave it on for thirty minutes and then wash off. Repeat it once a week for best results. It is one of the bestselling hair oils in the market.

2. Beer Wash

Yes, that is the simplest one! Once a week, for shiny, silky, tangle free, healthy black hair with no split ends. For that matter, any good Beer will do. Btw the beer shampoo available in India is bad!

3. Apple cider vinegar with Coconut oil:

Now that I have listed two basic hair growth recipes, I will get down to few evolved combinations, the first one being that of Apple juice or vinegar with Coconut oil. Six to ten drops of Apple vinegar, mixed with Coconut oil, is a great remedy for hair fall and dry hair.

Here is how you can use the apple vinegar tonic for hair growth:
No more than ten drops of Apple Vinegar, along with Coconut oil, makes a great DIY hair tonic for lifeless hair strands. Apply it, say eight to ten hours before head bath, and massage the scalp well. Use Luke warm water for shampoo, and use this once a week. You can make a hair solution and store it in a glass bottle.

4. Mustard Oil with Fenugreek Seeds Recipe:

I call them Wonder seeds. Beige colored and grain like in appearance, they treat a million ailments for sure. Bloated tummy and indigestion, food poisoning, dandruff, hair fall, dry hair, dull skin, they treat many of the common troubles. Yes, it is the humble Fenugreek seeds or Methi Dana. Mustard oil removes the frizz factor and makes hair appear straight, black, thick and lustrous. It also prevents baldness in men and women both. This is a lethal combination and a natural remedy for shiny black hair.

Usage of this hair tonic:
Warm Mustard oil, and add seeds. One cup of oil should have around three tea spoons of seeds. Heat it for ten minutes, and then allow it to cool. Now, separate the methi seeds from the oil. You can use the seeds by crushing them and rubbing them on the scalp. Leave the seeds on the scalp for two hours and then wash with cold water. You can use the drained oil as a tonic, and use it before hair bath. Do not use warm water to clean your head or scalp, as Mustard oil has heat absorbing nature.

5. Olive Oil with Honey for Hair Growth

Olive oil is great for dry and tangled hair and helps in improving hair growth. Add a few drops of honey, preferably five to seven drops to a bottle with six teaspoons of Olive Oil. Store it and you can use it before washing your head, as both Honey and Olive oil serve as excellent lubricants. Ensure that you do not over do Honey part, as Honey is extremely sticky.

6. DIY Hair Tonic Sprays

I might not be able to vouch for it as I have not used it myself, but conditioner, stored with water in a pump bottle serves as an excellent healthy hair tonic for sorting out messy, bundled, knotted hair.

7. Milk & Almond Mask for Hair

Add four tea spoons of Almond oil to three fourth cup of milk, preferably raw, and apply it as a mask. Leave it for three to four hours, and wash with a mild shampoo for best results. This hair fall solution can be used once a week and treats dry and dull hair well.

8. Onion juice with Honey for Hair Fall

It can be used once a week in case you hair line is receding. Onions are great for hair growth and honey provides nourishment to the scalp.

9. Banana masks for Shiny Hair

Mash ripe Bananas and mash them rather well. Now, apply these mashed Bananas, on your scalp, leave it overnight and wash it off with water next day. This will take care of weak and brittle hair, hair loss, remove dandruff and will eradicate the compulsion to itch your scalp frequently. The minerals present in Bananas help in repair of damaged tissues. Bananas can be mixed with curd and applied on scalp. Leave it for an hour or two, and then wash off with water. I would recommend that you use this curd based hair treatment during summers only.

10. Coffee Based Treatment

Caffeine present in Coffee powder is great for hair loss prevention. Apart from this, it also helps in styling hair well. You can use it in two ways.
a) Coffee can be mixed with water and can be sprayed every day before styling or stepping out. This spray keeps your hair intact and avoids any harmful pollutants to harm your strands.
b) You can mix Coffee powder with Olive oil and apply it on your head and scalp for an hour or two. Upon washing it adds volume, lusture and shine to hair strands.

These hair growth tonic remedies are great however please take care of few basics as well:
1. Frequency of head bath should not be twice a week, in any weather.
2. Ensure that you apply some coat on your hair strands when you step out during summers. Be it a hair spray or Coffee spray
3. Oil your hair well. For light and dull hair strands, use any hair tonic which has Mustard Oil as base, and for thick, tangled hair, prefer Olive oil.
4. Do not use Onion and curd during winters on your scalp. Same goes for Henna.
5. Comb your hair once in twenty four hours.
6. Do not skip your hair care routine. Choose the right hair tonic depending upon your need.
7. Oil has always helped damsels with distressed strands; do not ignore the wise words from your grandma.
8. Drink milk, as it has ample Calcium and Protein, which boosts your hair growth.
9. Do not shampoo every day, for anything!

A lot of hair growth articles are available online, which have a lot of exotic ingredients, however, I am a lazy, leisure loving beauty conscious woman, and would prefer to use natural ingredients which are easily available. Here is my toast to lovely hair!!

Which is your favourite hair tonic? Share your reviews with us.

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  • Wow... nice set of tips. I never knew coffee can be used on hair. Doesn't coffee make hair color brown?

    • Yea it does but also adds luster, the color looks brown or Copper often because of luster as well.

  • I am really going through tough time with my hair. I will start using a few of the remedies you shared above. I wish it shows improvement in some time.



  • I am a procaffinator. So coffee based treatment seems to be attractive to me. Will try that

  • These are some great tonics for healthy hair. I love the fenugreek for my hair.

  • I have been wanting to try something natural for my hair for a while now. I think you post will help me get to the other side :)


  • Olive oil best! just perfect, does its job fine and easy to get rid off, getting banana or any other home made hair mask from head is a big task! it furthermore ruins the hair, thanks for the post and cheers


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