10 Best The Body Shop Lipsticks for Indian Skin Tones

Top 10 The Body Shop Lipsticks For Indian Skin

By Contributor: Kritika

The Body Shop – isn’t the name itself so inviting?? One of the world’s leading brand offering a wide range of cosmetics and skin care products. The brand makes its presence felt all over the world. Today we shall be talking about the best TBS lipsticks for warm yellow Indian skin. I’ve got recommendations for all the shades that fall into this medium asian category ranging from fair, medium to dark.

1. TBS Color Crush Red Siren Lipstick

Red lipstick is a must have in a make-up kit. It instantly adds a lot of drama to your lips and looks festive. Color Crush from TBS gives a vibrant pop of color and keeps your lips moisturized. Price – 895/-

2. TBS Color Crush Crush on Caramel Lipstick

Crush on Caramel has a beige base with slight touch of pastel pink. It very well complements the Indian skin tone. Also it is ideal for office wear. Subtle yet effective, that’s Crush on Caramel. Price – 895/-

3. TBS Color Crush Sweet Coral Lipstick


Lay your hands on the hottest color of the season – Coral. A vibrant yet understated color, Sweet Coral from TBS would surely become your favorite. Price – 895/-

4. TBS Colorglide Shine Lip Color Ruby Sparkle

Ruby Sparkle from the Colorglide range of TBS is a phenomenal lip color that very well suits the Indian skin tone. It is a rich ruby color. The sheer lipstick has a powerful color and gives your lips the much needed glaze. Price – 995/-

5. TBS Color Crush Raspberry in Love Lipstick

Raspberry in Love is a bold maroon color that looks great on Indian skin tone. Whether you are light skinned or dark skinned, the color would surely get you loads of compliments. The high impact color is the USP of the lipstick. Price – 895/-

6. TBS Colorglide Shine Lip Color Copper Mine

Copper is a color that is seldom experimented with. But the good thing is that this color is perfect for Indian skin tones, especially if you are dark skinned. The sheer color and dewy shine are the special features of the lipstick. Price – 995/-

7. TBS Color Crush Sweetheart Pink Lipstick

Happiness is a pink lipstick. If you also believe this, then Sweetheart is the perfect lip color for you. The bright and vibrant color is great augmentation for Indian skin tones. Price – 895/-

8. TBS Color Crush Blushing Pink Lipstick

Pink love… well Blushing Pink from the Color Crush range of TBS would make you fall in love with pink all over again. It is subtle pink color which is ideal for everyday wear. The added advantage – it is infused with a delicate rose fragrance! Price – 895/-

9. TBS Colorglide Shine Lip Color Iced Violet

Iced Violet from the Colorglide range is a profoundly amazing color. The sheer adds a sparkle and makes your lips totally irresistible. Price – 995/-

10. TBS Color Crush Rush of Pink Lipstick

The oh! so amazing magenta color will never be out of fashion. Pop of color and richly moisturizing, it will surely be a great companion. Price – 895/-

So these are some of the The Body Shop lipstick shades we personally like. If you want to add anything to the list then let us know your suggestions.

Which is your favourite The Body Shop lipstick? Share your views with us.

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