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10 Best Benefit Cosmetics Products to Buy for Dusky/Olive Indian Skin

The Best Benefit products to buy 201310 Best Benefit Cosmetics Products Available in India for Dark Skin – 2013

By Contributor: Shilpa Madan

So Anshita and I were brainstorming for post ideas and I suggested this best Benefit products for Indian Skin post because I love Benefit so much! Not just for their really hardworking products, but for being such a cool, quirky brand overall! The wacky names, the colorful graphics, cheerful packaging and their (un) intended puns, all have me drooling! Not to mention that their counter looks so delectable at Sephora. So having put our collective wisdom to test for VNA readers, this is what we vouch for! Pick one of these for your next outing with Benefit and we are fairly sure you won’t be disappointed.

best benefit cosmetics blushes 2013

1. Benefit CORALista Blush :

Beautifully warm, this coral-pink Coralista cheek powder is heaven sent for Indian skin shades. Till you graduate to NARS blushes, try this to keep you happy. The box comes with a soft, natural-bristle blush brush, is a breeze to apply and builds well. The stunning color is a fail safe color that’s universally flattering. Follow the link to see the reviews and swatches.

best benefit cosmetics products to buy

2. Benefit That Gal Primer:

My favorite for a radiant, no make up look! I have a fixation for skin that looks bright and healthy, a natural glow. And that is what makes That Gal my best friend. Brighter, smoother, cheerful skin instantaneously. As Benefit says, “That gal” is the perfect partner to your moisturizer. If you’re a no-makeup gal, wear it solo for a darling glow. Anyday better than the POREfessional primer.

best benefit cosmetics products to buy

3. Benefit They’re Real Mascara:

This They’re Real mascara has won a zillion beauty awards! And they aren’t faking it you know, I use this and while I am no mascara expert – it does lengthen, curl, volumize& separates my lashes. It lasts for a while too and comes off only with a good makeup remover. Worth the splurge!

best benefit cosmetics tint 2013

4. Benefit Cha Cha Tint:

Multi-purpose tint and can be used for both lips and cheeks. Gorgeous, warm, bright coral for that glow that comes from inside! Super concentrated (and hence high value for money) and doesn’t set extremely quickly, so you have some time to work with it and get it to blend. Last for a super-duper long time, major brownie points!

best benefit cosmetics products to buy

5. Benefit Dandelion Brightening Face Powder:

Again my favorite for that elusive no make up look! Super light pink with very subtle, finely milled shimmer and gives a radiant, sheer sheen. It is very light so is partial to light complexions and may not show up at all on duskier skin tones. As usual, a brush comes along. Works well with most other Box o’ powders or can be used on its own.

best benefit cosmetics products to buy

6. Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow foundation:

Comes in 9 shades! With SPF 25 PA+++ to boot. Need I say more? Light to medium coverage, luminous and healthier skin, the oil free formula is good for almost all skin types. The shade selection is great and makes finding the right match, a breeze!

best benefit cosmetics products to buy

7. Benefit High Beam highlighter:

Benefit says “It’s the “supermodel in a bottle”!I do like to spot-light some areas of my face with a highlighter with a luminizer and when I bought this I thought this was too light and pinky for my medium-light complexion. But it works like a dream, blends easily giving a dewy, luscious shine to the right areas of my face. A little dot goes a long, long way!

best benefit cosmetics products to buy

8. Benefit Bella Bamba blush:

My first Benefit Box o’ powder! I fell for the psychedelic packaging and also the feminine, watermelon-pink color. With a little bit of lustrous gold touch, it’s a perfect party blush with good pigmentation that would suit most complexions. Comes with a mirror and the soft blush brush. I’ve been using for 2 years but not yet hit pan so tells you that while the upfront outlay is high, they are worth the investment.

So the above are the cult favorites from Benefit. Now its time to shine some light on tomorrow’s superstars.

best benefit cosmetics products to buy

9. Benefit Fine One One:

Just look at the packaging! Who can resist that? I swatched it the last time I was at Sephora and the mix of the 3 colors (pink, watermelon and coral) gives a stunning flush to your cheeks along with delicate shimmer that reflects light. I wantttt!! Since its new, its good to know what Benefit says “This sheer brightening cheek & lip color gives your look instant LIFT, SHAPE and POP. Glide on the three shades: pink champagne, sheer watermelon and soft coral. For a sheer coral pink flush that builds from soft & natural to bright & cheery”

best benefit cosmetics products to buy

10. Benefit Lollie Tint:

Hot off the oven! Justlaunched a month back, this is a candy-orchid tinted lip & cheek stain. May end up disappointing us by looking ashy and / or not showing up on Indian skin tones, but for now, we are drooling over the color and want some candy floss right now! Pretty please.

What are your favourite Benefit products for Indian skin tones?

28 thoughts on “10 Best Benefit Cosmetics Products to Buy for Dusky/Olive Indian Skin”

    • Me too Harine…I’ve been resisting thus far but the festive season gets out the no-holds-barred shopaholic in me :) Hope you get it soon :)

  1. Great compilation. Now Im tempted to splurge more. Though i have to disagree on the ‘that girl’ primer. It is way too pink and looks very ashy on my warm complexion. It’ll look worse on the dusky beauties! Sorry but that’s just my opinion :)

    • Hey Lisha, thanks :) I guess we’ll agree to disagree on That Gal coz I absolutely love it (on my 3rd bottle now!) The strange part is that I am not even as fair as you are so ashiness on you genuinely confuses me! (You are abso stunning, by the way:)

  2. Dear Editor, I just cant get over the fact that this post looks sooo pretty! Some is Benefit’s magic and the rest is us, for putting them together [pat on the back for you :)]. Also, the new font of the post title looks lovely, sophisticated and feminine!

    • exactly wat i thought when i published it..its just so pwetty. we are a great team dear contributor..thanks for being part of VNA!

  3. It’s so tempting…… thanks for this compilation…… so now I only have to do put some of these gorgeous products name on my shopping list……. and by the way how lovely colour of that benefit fine one its so beautiful…… I want that now!!!!!

  4. Benefit They’re mascara is the best mascara I’ve ever tried. . . Agree with you for chacha tint too . . . I luv it.

    You have missed Sunbeam Highlighter and Posie Tint. . . It wud suit dusky to dark complexion much. My face lights up (in a good way) in US winter too wen am wearing this.

  5. now i am very tempted….wanna rush to their stores this weekend and grab some……cud u plzz tell me wer i cud find them in mumbai???

    • Hi Pallavi, as far as I know, Benefit is only available at Sephora in Delhi. Hope Sephora opens in Bombay soon :)


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