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10 Best Belly Fat Burning Foods: Flatter Stomach Without Diet!

10 best belly fat burning foods

Top 10 Foods that reduce Belly Fat

By Contributor: Moupee

We often crave for a wow-type ‘model’ like figure but unfortunately all are not blessed with the same. No matter how much you yearn to look like a model and try to trim your bulges around the mid-section down, somehow the stubborn fat refuses to go. The belly fat is one thing that embarrasses one a lot. It dampens all your endeavors to sport a skinny model-like look in model-like trendy garbs. Well thousand times you might have crossed you fingers and prayed that this time an exercise or a diet plan should help you to lose your belly fat. But what happens is we often take the wrong foods or take diets in wrong combination which actually nullifies all our efforts to lose belly fat.

Therefore if you really wish to have a well-toned wash board sexy belly, you must be aware of the foods you should actually consume. Here are the top 10 foods to help you lose belly fat most effectively:


best belly fat burning foods and diet

If you drink a cup of Peppermint Tea every morning, you can get rid of belly fat. You’ll also see a remarkable glow on your skin too. This is thus a remedy that comes with double advantage: figure toning & skin polishing

Green leafy veggies:

best belly fat burning foods and diet

The more you consume green leafy veggies, the more is the intake of fiber in your body. The calorie content in veggies is very low and the vitamin & mineral content is very high. Green leafy veggies will check bloating, ease the problem of water retention in your belly and in that way shrink your belly size to a great extent


best belly fat burning foods and diet

This is one incredible fruit which can burn down the belly fat quite miraculously. The mono-unsaturated fatty acids present in Avocado actually burns the belly fat down plus the high amount of fiber present in the fruit won’t make you feel hungry at all. So belly won’t blow out of shape


best belly fat burning foods and diet

Beans is definitely a healthy food for the entire body. It gives you not only a flat belly but a taut and firm figure as a whole. It will keep your belly full and stop unnecessary hunger cravings


best belly fat burning foods and diet


This is one fruit for a real smart and sexy belly. It contains only 45 calories and has a water content of about 96%. If you consume cucumber you won’t feel hungry and will have the flattest belly


best belly fat burning foods and diet

Give a healthy start to your day with a bowl of Oats. Its fiber rich; has minimum calorie content and cholesterol content. You won’t feel hungry for a long time and thus your belly stay in shape


best belly fat burning foods and diet

Every morning take a handful of Almonds which you had soaked overnight in water. With the consumption of these nuts your belly fat will vanish in just a few days. Almonds are rich in Mono-unsaturated Fatty Acids plus Vitamin E that work against belly fat and level down your belly.


best belly fat burning foods and diet

Consume an apple daily. It’s rich in fibers and packed with all vital nutrients. It keeps your belly full and checks over heating


best belly fat burning foods and diet

High in protein, eggs are effective enough in flattening your belly. The calorie content in eggs is low. Furthermore Eggs have an amino acid known as leucine which burns down fat like anything. In fact it plays the role of a catalyst in its fat burning action. So consuming eggs can give you a flatter belly


best belly fat burning foods and diet

Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water per day to keep your system thoroughly hydrated and flush all unwanted toxins out of the body. Water checks bloating in belly and if you are drinking cold water, it will also expedite the rate of metabolism in the body. This will burn more fat and give you a flatter belly definitely

So these are the top 10 foods that reduce belly fat

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