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10 Best Beauty Services At Kaya Skin Clinic

Top 10 Beauty Services At Kaya Skin Clinic with Reviews

You have a skincare problem or hair problem you need fixed, Kaya screams “Main Hoon Na.” I remember being a young teen-aged girl when I first accompanied a friend for an appointment to kaya skin clinic for her acne-treatment. I remember watching the ladies march past me, pure business written on their faces as they went from laser-treatments to hair removal to hair growth programs. Kaya, for the uninitiated, is a chain of skin care clinics started by Marico, a company that leads the game in consumer products and services in India. Reliving that memory today I thought why not share with you girls some of the best selling beauty treatments at kaya clinic. The pricing of these services vary with time so I’m not adding the price list but if you want I can check for them and let you know.

\ere are 81 clinics in 26 cities around India, and further expansion has moved it into the Middle East and Bangladesh. It contains a team of 250 dermatologists and is US FDA approved. I wasn’t kidding when I said they meant business. I thought you may be interested in finding out more about beauty treatments at the clinic, so I thought I’d make a list for you.

List of Best Kaya Beauty Services:

1. Clear Fresh Oil Control Treatment

This treatment is meant specifically for girls with oily and acne-prone skin. This treatment helps reduce sebum excretion and remove impurities from your skin. It also helps to gently exfoliate skin and remove all your dead skin cells. This is later followed by the application of  a purifying mask, which helps tighten the pores.

2. Kaya Signature Face Therapy- Ultra Detox

Also advertised as the marvelous skin rejuvenation, this face therapy is ideal for the brides to be. Your special day is important, but weddings tend to be affairs where a lot of make up is involved and it is best to make sure your skin is prepared for the challenge. This facial includes a vitamin-C anti-oxidizing potion, where mulberry extracts are pumped into the skin to give it a glow. The kaya treatment ends with a relaxing massage to give you the right amount of pampering before everything else you need to do that day. It uses a Neroli and Patchouli oil cream which relaxes the skin, leaving it feel pure and refreshed.

3. Aqua Radiance Facial

Infusing Vitamin A, E, B5 and C into your skin to give it that hydrated plump effect, Aqua radiance is one heck of a treatment. This also includes hyaluronic acid. This service uses oxygen and pure water in supersonic jet sprays to slough off your dead skin and reveal the real radiance underneath. This facial service is a deep cleansing way to revive your skin, unblock pores, remove blackheads and leave you spotless and blemish free. For optimal results, make sure to do this once a month to keep your skin looking radiant. Our blogger-in-chief Anshita has done a review on this kaya facial already on VNA so do check that out.

4. Insta Skin Purify

For the busy bee, sometimes you don’t have all day to sit around and spend on your skin, and you need something that’s fuss free and quick. Enter: the Insta Skin Purify. It’s an express face cleanup beauty service, which extracts all the stickiness from your skin, removing sebum and dirt to leave behind clean pores that can finally breathe. It also flushes out toxins using jet sprays of saline water and air. It feels weird, but it works a charm. It is then followed by a seaweed mask that soothes the skin and removes dead skin cells. Seaweed is widely used in Korea to keep skin looking healthy and clean.

5. Dark Circle Reduction

Sign me up for any service that will allow me to stay concealer free for the next few months. Using a glycolic peel, this home care solution removes all signs of dark circles, and all signs that you ever had a bad night of sleep. It breaks apart the dead cell layer and uses a micro current in your under eye area, allowing it to firm up. It reduces the dark purple pigmentation and makes you look radiant and refreshed. I am now looking at my concealers, wondering why I ever needed them when this beauty service at kaya clinics was around.

6. Intensive Hair Root Therapy

If you have major hair loss, this is the first thing you need to do, sign up for the IHRT at Kaya. This ingredient uses vital nutrients and plant extracts which are infused into the roots of your hair. This hair treatment is done using micro injections, which help control the hair loss and stimulate hair growth. You can see results as soon 2-3 months after you start the procedure. IHRT also involves coming up with a diet plan and home care remedies to help your hair growth. The doctors find out exactly what is inducing the hair loss so you can help yourself at home.

7. Laser Hair Reduction

I cannot recommend this enough, I used it for my underarms, legs and upper lip and it significantly reduced hair growth. Note that this does not completely remove hair growth, but reduces it. If you’re a person with immense hair growth, you will notice a change but you will need to follow up with treatments in order to see major significant changes, even then it will only reduce. It doesn’t mean you skip your wax sessions. If you’re a person without much hair, I hate you, but you will not need as much treatment-wise. I highly recommend this kaya laser treatment, it really did wonders.

8. Juvederm XC Beautifillers

I always wanted to try a derma-filler treatment and it turned out this is THE one. This helps reduce and reverse years of skin damage and can really remove signs of ageing from your skin, leaving you looking young and fresh. It is a non-surgical service, thankfully, and replenishes the skin using hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a key ingredient in Korean skincare and helps restore your skins firmness and vitality. It is also very hydrating. You will see a marked difference in 30 minutes after the service is completed. With proper maintenance, you can make this last a year. One of the best treatments at kaya.

9. Acne Pimple-Free Peel

For people with acne-prone skin, constant application of creams can often make you feel like you’re clogging your pores and making it worse. Sometimes your skin needs a break, and some good pampering. The Acne pimple-free peel starts with a mild cleansing of the skin, after which a salicylic acid gel peel is applied. This skin care service unblocks pores, and helps prevent sebum which causes more pimples. It also helps disinfect skin and prevents break outs. A peel neutralizer is added to conclude the process and tighten the pores so that you excess oil secretion doesn’t happen.

10. Root Regen System

For extreme hair loss and balding causes by immunity or genetics, there is the Root Regen system. It is a targeted practice done right at the roots with a micro injection. Nutrient cocktails, natural plant extracts and vitamins are injected to the root of the hair, so that the follicle is revitalized and prevents further hair loss. This hair treatment is safe and non-invasive, as well as US FDA approved. It uses your body’s own blood plasma which contains platelets. This plasma helps miniaturized hair follicles to become healthier, inducing hair growth. It is natural and done directly by Kaya Dermatology professionals.

I really hope this post was educational and informative for you too. It’s astounding how many services Kaya offers, no wonder they hold the monopoly on pampering. I hope that you find this helpful, and if you have done of any their treatments, please write below and tell us what you thought of it. We are a community here at VNA, so let’s share our experiences.

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  • Dark Circles therapy is definitely something I'd opt. Thanks for sharing these informative beauty treatments :)

  • I have hair loss problem in major...i try so many treatment but no result...there is one hope..kaya hair clinic

  • Using micro current for dark circles is really cool.. Glad to hear that one can expect good results and get rid of those dark circles fast. Thank you for this share!

  • Recently, I completed laser hair removal treatment from Kaya Skin Clinic. The whole process was good, and I love the outcome of this treatment.

  • I have been to Kaya Clinic for my acne treatment, last year. I am happy with my acne free skin. I have read many reviews about their beauty facial services. Please suggest me the good facial for oily skin?


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