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10 Best Anti-Acne and Pimple Creams Available in India

10 best acne and pimple scar creams available in india

Top 10 Herbal Acne/Pimple and Scars Treating Creams in India

By Contributor: Moupee

Acne is a very common skin problem affecting every girl and even boys these days. In teenagers the rate of acne problem can be noticed remarkably. Pimples, Zits, Pustules, Black heads, White heads cropping up on your skin are all collectively called acne problems. Your skin becomes acne prone when sebum clogs the skin pores, together with dirt, dry skin and impurities, and bacteria starts acting on those. The immediate result is acne. For some the problem could be mild while for others it might lead to serious skin infection and ugly scarring, disfiguring your beauty.

The good news however is, there are some very effective over-the-counter herbal acne treating creams available in Indian market that really work. These are quite inexpensive and control the problem before it blows out of proportion. Let’s take a look at the top rated ones

1. Himalaya Acne and Pimple Cream:

best acne and pimples cream in india
Himalaya has brought into the market this Acne and Pimple cream with pure herbal formulations. Alum, Extracts of Silk Cotton Tree, Extracts of the chaste with five leaves, Barbados Aloe are all ingredient that fight acne causing bacteria, promote skin healing, check eruptions, infections, inflammations giving a coolness and soothing effect to your skin. Price: Rs.56

2. No Marks Acne Pimple Cream:

best acne and pimples cream in india

The cream if used zealous on acne not only heals it but also allows your pimple marks to vanish within few days. The richness of organic actives gives your skin, an unusual glow apart from addressing your acne problem. Clove, Turmeric, Licorice-the three key ingredients effectively deal with your acne problem. Price: Rs.35

3. Vaadi Herbals Anti-Acne Cream:

best acne and pimples cream in india

This is a unique herbal formulation from Vaadi herbals. It will treat and uproot acne totally. It is made up of some incredible herbal ingredients. Clove Oil and Neem Oil act on acne causing bacteria and kill it thoroughly. Tea tree oil heals pimples leaving no ugly blemishes. Also your skin won’t itch due to the soothing effect of tea tree oil. Orange peel extracts check sebum secretion thereby curbing the chances of acne problem in future. Price: Rs.55

4. Biotique Bio Winter Green Spot Correcting Anti-acne cream:

best acne and pimples cream in india

Say ‘No’ to acne with Biotique. The cream has chosen ingredients from the store house of Nature to bash aside your acne problem. Gandhpura, Choti Dudhi, Daru Haldi, Neem are all potent Ayurvedic ingredients that destroy the acne bacteria completely. Winter green oil acts as skin barrier safeguarding skin against pollutants. Also it clears your skin of acne scars. The result is an acne free scar free beautiful skin. Price: Rs.199

5. Fabindia Clove Cream for Acne Control:

best acne and pimples cream in india

Infused with clove oil plus tea tree oil this effective light creamy formulation is really great for acne control. The cream being very light easily penetrates the skin pores and the result is a highly stimulated cellular activity that gives your skin a glow and the power to retaliate any skin infection caused by the bacteria or fungi. Clove oil is well known for its antiseptic properties so is tea tree oil. The result is a total destruction of acne germs. Price: Rs.150

6. Khadi Herbal Anti Acne Cream:

best acne and pimples cream in india

Give your troubled skin a healing touch with the potent herbal ingredients like Tea tree oil, Neem and Aloe Vera that will kill all the bacteria trapped in your acne lesions healing those in no time. The product comes in mild creamy base with its powerful anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory properties. Price: Rs.450

7. Eraser Acne Pimple Cream:

best acne and pimples cream in india

The cream is powered by Ayurvedic Naturals to relieve your skin of acne. It destroys the acne bacteria; secondly it removes the excessive oiliness from your skin, the first basic cause of acne. The chief ingredients in the cream are Haldi, Neem, Ghandak and Khariya Mitti. These ingredients have great anti-bacterial and anti-microbial power plus the last two ingredients especially are well known for quickly healing pimples by drying them out.

8. BodyDear Anti acne and Anti Pimple Cream:

best acne and pimples cream in india

This is a unique anti-acne cream suitable for the skin types of both men as well as women. The pimple barring naturals in it like neem, clove and red sandalwood not only heal the pimples but also check their coming back. Price: Rs.295

9. Biolife Bio Derm Anti-acne and Pimple Cream:

best acne and pimples cream in india

This is an effective anti-acne cream from the renowned brand Biolife. The cream feels great on the acne affected skin because it has high cooling, styptic and astringent properties all due to some chosen herbal ingredients in it. It not only heals acne but also clears acne blemishes to give you spotless skin. Price: Rs.300

10. Nature’s Essence Acne Magic Cream:

best acne and pimples cream in india

Anti-allergic, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory in nature, this cream is infused with best herbal ingredients like Neem, Aloe Vera and Turmeric that soothes the acne affected skin by detoxifying it, killing the germs and putting an end to the infection. Thus your acne and acne spots will magically vanish! Price: Rs.30

So these are the top 10 over-the-counter Acne treating creams in India, that can give you respite from this problem in a cost-effective non-pharmaceutical way.