Za True White Cleansing Foam: Review and Price

Za True White Cleansing Foam review blog

Za True White Cleansing Foam Review

Za sounds so musical. And attractive as hell. Zaaara..Pizzaaaa..oh well. Well I did google it and found its actually a slang for pizza! Although I doubt if the Shiseido guys know it. Anyway so as you know Shiseido India launched their skin care line Za Cosmetics in India just recently and their products already have all the beauty bloggers raving about them. I joined the bandwagon to see what the fuss is..and well all I will say is I have found my HG face wash for summers in Za True White Cleansing Foam. Yes we gotta have HG face washes for all types of seasons alright! Let’s start with the review.

Za Claims: A whitening cleansing Foam that provides essential care for moisturised translucent skin

Za True White Cleansing Foam review ingredients
Za Cleansing Foam ingredients

My Review:

I started using this Za face wash ever since I recieved it teeny tiny samples in My Envy Box. Then later I got the full sized tube to try it out. So its been in my bathroom from more than 2 months. And I don’t remember using anything else. Yes I’ve forgotten where I kept my HG Cetaphil lotion. True story.

The packaging is classy and simple. And the flip open cap shuts nicely so that makes it travel friendly as well. Although I use the sample sizes of this one since I already have them. No kidding. This thing lasts forever. I only need a pea size amount for a full face dripping in oil and dirt. In the mornings I need even lesser.

Za True White Cleansing Foam review
Za True White Cleansing Foam review

The foam is a thick white coloured cream with tiny yellow beads. The beads are non abrasive and don’t do much honestly. But I was kinda shy of using a cream cleanser since I stick to gel based products in my skin care regime because of my oily skin. Add to it I’ve really sensitive skin which gets irritated easily. Yep I’ve got pretty bad skin! But surprisingly this suits me really well. It has not broken me out nor does it make my skin red. I could not detect any fragrance.

As for the “whitening” effect I think they mean brightening. Because it cleans your face so well that you can instantly see a fresh and glowy you. And although its a nice foaming cleanser, it never makes my skin feel stretchy or dry. These days I am skipping moisturiser and go for a sunscreen straight away.

Za True White Cleansing Foam reviews
Za Cleansing Foam reviews

Swatches in natural light

Za True White Cleansing Foam review swatches
Za True White Cleansing Foam

Pros of Za True White Cleansing Foam:

  • really deep cleanses.
  • You need a teeny tiny pea size amount so it lasts really long.
  • Works for my sensitive skin..thats something I always look out for. No breakouts.
  • Keep oil away for a good time.
  • No dryness or stretchy feeling even after a deep cleanse like this.

Cons of Za True White Cleansing Foam:

  • Okay if I have to think of something then I guess its not meant for dry skin although I am not sure. Since it takes away all the oil and grease from my oily combination skin so I suppose it would be too much for dry skin girls.

Za True White Cleansing Foam review india

Price: Rs.350

VNA Rating: 5/5

So is it for you? Za True White Cleansing Foam has become my HG cleanser now. It cleans, hydrates and brightens without any dryness or breakouts and that is all I expect from my cleanser. It scores special points for being affordable as well. Highly recommend!

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Product sent by the brand

Have you tried the Za Cleansing Foam? Share your views with us.


  1. Well wat attracted me more was the backdrop that u have used fir the pictures.. is it a tshrt..
    Well I guess for mybskin that even fall sensitive to air I guess (supererogatory sensitive) I shall give it a try on ur recommendation anshu.. btw do try clean and clear morning energy that’s wat playing HG for my sentive to air also skin these days.. do give it a try

    • babes i think u got it ulta. cream cleansers r gud for dry skin since they are creamy. gel based products work for oily skin. in this case this one works for both the types i guess

  2. Sorry for entering into girls zone….But I wanna ask one question …Is this cleanser suits boys skin too bcz yesterday I went to the mall in gurgaon and one pretty lady( saleswoman ) insisted me to buy this and I buyed as she said this product is both for men and women.


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