WordPress Process

If you are at this page, then that means you have been shortlisted to contribute to VNA. Congrats! Read by over a million women a month, VNA is one of the most popular and reputed websites in India. This page will teach you how to write and contribute your posts directly. Please read each point carefully as we are very finicky about the content and images. We call it perfectionism!

WordPress may look a little intimidating to the beginners but you get comfortable with it after your first post. There is a learning curve and if you are a quick learner then kudos! If not, then we are here to guide you through it. You can refer to youtube tutorials for help.

Here is how you will upload the posts:
1. login your account
2. Write the text
3. Add media
4. Submit for approval

How to write:

1. Firstly we would like you to read a few such posts on VNA to have a better understanding of the format to be followed. See this: http://vanitynoapologies.com/top-20-best-bridal-nail-art-designs-gallery-brides-to-be/

2. Start with an introduction on the topic and then move to the list. Similarly add a conclusion. Please make sure the count is atleast 1200 words.

3. Add all the list images along with the main image. Make sure all the images are named exactly like the post title. For ex: top-20-tattoos-for-legs(1)

4. Add image sources at the end of the post like this post here: http://vanitynoapologies.com/top-10-kareena-kapoor-eye-makeup-looks-ideas-tutorials/

Here is the image editing process:

1. Crop: Use any relevant photo as the main image or you can make a collage of
all the images as your main photo. Crop it to 698*548.
2. Crop the other list images lesser than 500px
3. Compress: Now go to compressjpg.com and upload all the pics there.
4. Click on the thumbnail on each image and reduce the size to around 10-20kb for each list image. If it can go further down without much change
in quality then bring it further down. The main image can be kept around 50kb.
5. Download all as a zip and extract.
6. Rename all of them after this step. If the title is top 10 red lipsticks in India then
rename as top-10-red-lipsticks-in-india-list-reviews-price(1), top-10-red-lipsticks-in-india-list-reviews-price(2)..and so on.

Softwares we recommend: You are free to use any software as long as the result is the same. But for those who ask:

  1. we use picassa for collages
  2. paint for cropping, adding a caption on the collage
  3. compressjpg.com for compressing.

Difference between cropping and compressing:

  1. Cropping an image is also called resizing. This step deals with the pixels. Basically you decrase the width and height while cropping. Say you crop out a 800px wide image to 500px by cropping. On VNA, you keep the main image to 698px (698*548px). And crop other list images to less than 500px.

2. Now when you compress them at compressjpg.com, you deal with the image size i.e kbs. Cropping out images decrease their sizes but not as much you would like it to. While compressing, you bring down the size to around 50kb for main image and around 10-20kb for list images.

Reason why your posts are still not approved: If its been more than a week then here is why its still pending

  1. Short length. Needs to be atleast 1200 words.
  2. Missing main image
  3. Missing image source links at the end
  4. Robotic post with no personal touch
  5. The image sizes and dimensions are over the limits specified.
  6. The image names are image1.jpg, kareena.jpg, etc. They need to be named exactly like the post title

All these steps are very important for page load speed. You can use any software you are comfortable with, the final result should look polished and web optimized in terms of both size and pixels.

Apart from content, active participation in the comments and social
media interaction is expected. The team would love to know you more. If you have any problems then just let us know and we would be happy to discuss in detail.