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Before I review the latest BB cream on my testing table, I’ve partnered with L’Oreal Paris to make one of you lucky by giving the new L’Oreal Paris BB cream. Yes you can win the new bb cream by answering a simple question. Before that, here is everything you would like to know about the product I’m giving away.


L’oreal Paris Claims: Discover your ‘true match’ with the L’Oréal Paris True Match BB Cream. L’Oréal Paris launches the 1st BB Cream with 3600 skincare. Break away from the clutter of all the other BB creams in the market and get ready to pick one that is truly made for you! Now match the color and texture of your skin perfectly with the L’Oréal Paris True Match BB cream! The BB cream is the latest entrant to join the L’Oréal Paris True Match range that consists of the True Match Super Blendable Liquid Foundation and the True Match Pressed Powder.

What makes it special?
The BB cream contains Collagen, Hyaluronic crystals and Adenosine that help to keep the skin hydrated along with providing anti-ageing benefits. They smoothen out the skin texture and provide an even tone and radiant complexion. Vitamin C helps enhance skin’s clarity, reduces dark spots and gives the skin a healthy glow. The product is equipped with SPF 35 PA+++ that protects the skin from UV rays and prevents from any environmental damage.

Shades: Neutral, Ivory, Warm

Aishwarya Rai BB Cream giveaway

All you gotta do is tell me: Why do you think the new L’Oreal Paris True Match BB Cream would be your true match? Answer in the comments below.

Rules: Since the giveaway is exclusively for the readers of VNA, you would need to like our facebook page and subscribe to our email updates to be eligible.

The contest is on till 26th September. The contest is open for Indian residents only. I will pick up a name randomly from the entries as the winner. Get commenting!


  1. Well, I’d like to win this for my mother. And it would be a true match because she doesn’t have much time to apply things to her face and take care of her skin. L’oreal Paris true match bb cream seems like an all-in-one solution to her beauty woes. It evens the skin texture, reduces dark spots, has a good spf and also has anti ageing properties along with loads of other features. I’m sure my mom’s gonna be delighted if i win it for her.
    P.S- what’s more…i can use it too as we have almost the same skin tone ! :P

  2. Loreal has come up with the simplest shade selection unlike other BB creams. There is definitely a match for most of the girls. Being a warm skinned girl, there is no rocket science to pick up my true match. That makes it super easy for a makeup novice like me..

  3. I love reading about new products but am hesitant to execute an elaborate make up regime. So I think true match definitely means every girl will find a match among the 3 shades. And for me it’s going to be perfect to provide me with everything I need as a result of a complete make up in just one step!

  4. I have already tried many bb creams but none of them suited my skin type. Was actually waiting for one from Loreal. Cuz products from Loreal always suit my skin type. Yay!!

  5. Because I love the brand , it always makes sure that it suits Indian skin tones and makes changes accordingly.It is my to-go brand and I believe it has several benefits apart from just covering up blemishes.

  6. Feel beautiful and Be beautiful is my motto and aspiration in life. I already feel beautiful and would need True Match BB Cream to Be beautiful!

  7. Since it’s one of a kind, and I can do with some faux even skin-tone while out and about, says it blends perfectly, imparts a dewy finish (my skin would love that, thank you!) and I could do with some extra looking after for my skin as I face the day ahead. So that’d make it one hell of a True (that!) match ;-)

  8. i am in my 30s n a BB cream with antiaging along with hydration from a brand like loreal is match made in heaven. i always keep a natural look and beaoz of all these true match is a true match for me

  9. I just had the perfect skin till a few years back, but change of place, a little ill health (and maybe age) is taking its toll….I still feel radiant inside…I fee; L’Oreal Paris True Match BB Cream will make me feel radiant on the inside too!. Its my True Match coz it will bring back my confidence and SMILE.

    Like on FB and subscribed since long

  10. The new L’Oreal Paris True Match BB Cream would be my true match because it provides everything that my skin needs i.e. hydration, sun protection, skin clarity, smoothness, glow and anti-aging effect. As if this wasn’t enough, I have freedom to choose as per the color and texture of my skin! What else can I ask for? I am overwhelmed! :D

  11. According to me a true base match is that which hugs your skin as your second skin and make it radiant and should hide all your flaws with benefits of making your skin healthy and have qualities of repairing skin and decreasing wrinkles, fine lines and even reduces spots hyperpigmentation and all.It should improve appearance of skin so that you should not regret using it.when applied it should not look as over done or something.Over all it should provide healthy, glowing and flawless skin from outside and from within too. So the new L’Oreal Paris True Match BB Cream would fulfill all the said above and will be my true match.
    facebook name : farhat sultana

  12. Loreal true match bb cream would be the perfect match for me, because it would provide my skin hydration, give me an even glowy face with anti aging properties and most important of all, sun protection..

  13. I think the new L’Oreal Paris True Match BB Cream would be my true match, because a girl’s gotta keep her hopes up, doesn’t she? :)

  14. I would like to win L’Oreal Paris True Match BB Cream because of its Instantly, radiant, glowing skin & also good thin coverage. Looks like a nice product!

  15. The new L’Oreal Paris True Match BB Cream would be my true match because it gives my skin the required hydration, retains the moisture, wouldn’t make it look like a oil mill and impart that luscious glow to my face :) On top of all, it is a best substitute for the thick and tricky foundations and that is the reason I love BB creams. So hope L’Oreal true match BB cream would be my true match :D :D

  16. L’Oreal True Match BB Cream would be your true match for me because true match should look like my “Second skin”, which just vanishes into the skin giving it a uber smooth and even look and while giving me that perfect coverage it should work on improving my skin’s quality so that not only it looks healthy but feels healthy too.
    I think L’Oreal True Match BB Cream it would do just the same as
    -> I have 3 shades to choose from and I can find a perfect match for my skin tone
    -> It claims to nourish skin, blend in smoothly giving a healthy glow to my skin and never feel heavy or look cakey unlike foundations
    -> The formula is infused with Vitamin C and collagen which will repair the damaged skin cells and work on improving my skin texture.
    -> The SPF protection will safegaurd my skin against the harmful sun rays
    –> Skin would look flawless and stay radiant whole day without any touch ups.
    So, It goes beyond matching my skin tone, giving a natural looking finish and effortless application and treats my skin for against environmental damage while providing a coverage. :)

  17. L’Oreal True Match BB Cream would be my true match because I have been using Loreal products ever since I turned 21 :) Over the years Loreal has evolved soo much in terms of products and shades and ingredients too. Now coming back to the question…I think the true match BB cream would be my true match because it would not only make my skin even toned but will also provide essential elements to my skin for a complete care!!

  18. it sounds like the real deal in terms of being a bb cream, as opposed to many in the Indian markets. as long as it’s ‘TRUE’ to its claims, it sounds like a perfect ‘MATCH’ for my requirements!

  19. L’Oreal True Match BB Cream would be my true match because it evens out skin tone by giving hydration and has three shades to choose from.

  20. coz Loreal delivers the products that are real …. actually effective and simple …. :) so thats why it will be my true match BB creme… :-*

  21. Well, the answer might sound funny; I wanna win this because I am using this product already and it is gonna get over. Before it does, it would be great if luck takes a peek at me :D I consider L’Oreal Paris True Match BB Cream as my true match because it is just wow in the way it serves as moisturizer, primer and foundation ! Love this product !

  22. L’Oreal Paris True Match BB Cream would be my true match because its an all in one package. It gives natural coverage and will make my skin healthy and glowing with a satin finish. It is a product which i can use before going to college as it wont look heavy on my face and also it will act as a sun screen, moisturizer and provides the required hydration to my skin. L’Oreal products what to say about them they are just “awesome” and provides excellent result. So that’s why it would be my true match. :)

  23. Common which girl doesn’t want to look her best at all times and even in those days my my skin is not at its best, I will just dab a little amount of L’Oreal Paris True Match BB cream and voila I will be ready with a healthy,radiant flawless skin.

  24. The new L’Oreal Paris True Match BB Cream would be my true match because it is ‘TRULY MADE FOR ME.’

  25. I think the new L’Oreal Paris True Match BB Cream would be my true match because L’Oreal products have never let me down in the past. They work exactly as they claim they would and going by my past experience, I think this would be a kick-ass product too.

    FB: Prerna Sinha (

  26. I think the L’oreal BB cream would be my true match ‘cos of the high SPF which will be great for sunny days outdoors without worrying about using multiple products (and of course, I’m worth it ;) ).

  27. The new L’Oreal Paris True Match BB Cream would be my true match as it’ll make my skin flawless and also gives my skin a slight dewy look without making it too oily/shiny. It also have properties of a good moisturiser/day cream that keep my skin hydrated all day long and it will also improve my skin texture while making me look flawless :-)


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