Which is the The Best Lip Balm for Matte Lipsticks?

best lip balm under matte lipsticks

Top Lip Balm to Apply Under Lipsticks

I had this question in my mind ever since I started using matte lipsticks. With creamy lipsticks its not a big issue but for a girl who doesn’t like any satin shine or feel on her lips and rejects all these super yummy shades just because they aren’t matte enough..it matters a lot you know.

What my perfect lip balm should do:

1. Should NOT alter the finish and texture of the lipstick. If I’m paying extra money to get a matte lipstick (looking at you Inglot) then I won’t like a stupid balm to mess up with it. It should stay matte!

2. Should NOT mess up with the pigmentation. Often lip balms make the lipsticks too slippery and thus the colour turns up blotchy. Hate it!

3. Make the lipstick application easier. Trust me when I say that I’ve considered blow drying and  microwaving my matte tubes (ahem..even did the latter). Because some formulas just won’t apply without tugging or pulling. I’m talking of the MAC Retro Matte lipsticks and Illamasqua matte lipsticks here.

4. Should keep the lips hydrated for hours. I don’t want to be the girl whose lips crack after a few hours of wearing the Nyx lip creams.

I tried and tested quite a dozen balms before finding the best. While most of them work great as night or day balms BUT none could fulfill the criteria I just mentioned above. And then one fine day Burt’s Bees lip balm (read the full review for price and availability) walked into my life and changed it forever. Oh yes! It makes perfect sense because its matte too. So matte + matte = matte lipstick lovers heaven! Even EOS balms work nicely too. Basically any good matte balm works.

I now apply my Ruby Woo without any problems ;)

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Which is your favourite lip balm for lipsticks? Share your views with us.


  1. I usually apply clarified butter 2 hours before wearing a matte lipstick and re apply it after an hour. Just 10 minutes before applying my lipstick i take off any excess using a tissue. My mom taught me this trick when i was running out of “clear” lip balm. Its a great natural alternative too :)

  2. I have never tried Burts Bees or Eos lip balms so I cannot say about them, they must be good.
    I use the Lipice starwberry/orange lip balm. The normal clear ones. They do not provide any shine and provide good enough hydration. Works well with matte lipsticks.
    Swati recently posted…Nivea Fruity Shine Strawberry : ReviewMy Profile

  3. Hey Ansh…
    Started reading ur blog a few days back n honestly cnt get enough of it……. nw m reading it all d time…… u r doing a fabulous job…….. thanx a ton…… u really r a life saver specially fr small town galzz like me…….. again thank u very much……..

  4. Hey there..nice article! I am a bit of matte lipstick groupie so I KNOW what you mean. I was just so very disappointed to see Chambor’s Powder Matte Finish lipsticks never made it to your piece. Why you no??


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