VNA L’Oreal Paris Summer Eye Makeup Contest Entry 5 – Sea Green

Everybody please welcome our fifth entry for the Summer Eye Makeup Contest!

Name: Niesha
Her eye makeup is named “Sea Green”. She says “the eye makeup look that i have created inspired by the green sea, and it includes all the major variants of green like lime green, teal green, dark green and sea green and my favorite color is also green“. I say “i love green!“.

The products used for the eye makeup are:
Faces Metallic primer
VOV Eyeshadow pallete
Deborah white eye pencil
Maybelline Mascara
Maybelline Smooth and Vivid eyeliner in peacock green
Eyelash curler

Best of luck Niesha!

People vote for her by using the social media buttons on the left. Each like/tweet/click will be counted as one vote. Start voting for your favourite looks now! You get to choose 1 out of the 3 winners.

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If you would like to participate and win yourself L’Oreal Paris goodies, go HERE for the full details.

PS- I never knew VOV eye shadows could be this good.



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