Vanity No Apologies 4.0!

vna 4.0

I just put down my last cup of coffee for the night day. And this is how my room pretty much looks like right now. The results you all can see very clearly right now. As I announced on my facebook and twitter yesterday that you are going to see  BIG change on VNA tomorrow….and here it is!

Why the change in look?

Because I wasn’t happy with how VNA looked before. The mint scheme was good but the theme sucked. You must know all the details if you read my 50 Shades of VNA post. A lot of you complained I didn’t have email subscription box, well the theme wouldn’t let me add

ANYTHING without messing up with the codes. Plus the fonts sucked and I couldn’t do anything.

So what I did?

Spent some money. There are no free lunches! I finally got a premium theme last night (after going over to-buy-or-not-to-buy debate from last 6 months!). People wordpress has this magical power of sucking up your pocket money. I’ve spent a LOT ever since I migrated. So choose wisely.

And as soon as I got it, I had some major answers to find. Like what on earth is an FTP client or what the hell does nameservers mean. I can go on and on. BUT I did it all. Tutorials after tutorials….and I aced it. And then started the fun part. The DESIGNING part which is sooooo fun! I think web designing is my dream career. I feel like I deserve a medal for all the hard work I’v been doing from last 12hrs. Yepp and I still can work for next 12hrs straight. That’s how much I’m obsessed with my baby.

vna 4.0

4.0? Really?!

Oh yes. Its VNA’s 4th makeover in the last 2.5years. So I just gave the makeover a fancy name. Sounds so techy!

On blogger, I gave VNA a whole different look by ONLY using the simple blogger theme. *self shake* That took days because it uses html codes. This time it was much easier.

So when the sailor called last night, the first reaction went something like this “Ohhkay so you did all this by yourself?? Well I know *insert cute name* is pretty and smart but now I know she is hardworking too“. Hardworking? Hardworking isn’t a compliment captain! Its like someone telling you “awww so what you didn’t win, you don’t shy away from working hard.” or “I-am-a-slow-learner-but-I-can-work-hard“. So sailor next time you say something better than “hard working“.

Alright so I think I need a few more changes here and there. But the look shall remain somewhat the same.

Please tell me or I will shoot you how you find the new pink and pastels colour palette. I just hope you can read the sidebar text. If not then just tell me by commenting or mailing. I need feedback on this.


  1. The new look is chic Ansh :)
    I am on blogspot and the only reason I sometimes consider moving to wordpress is because the thought that google might remove my blog for some stupid reasons *shudders* scares me.
    Is this something that bloggers need to worry about? Please guide me.

  2. I like the new look, very neat, clean and yet chic. And the mint is fine, it’s bright enough to be easily read.
    You deserve an award for doing this yourself! I’m quite tech challenged, took me a while to work my way around blogger.

  3. To Start with, Choosing white as a background color is the most wise decision. It always gives the illusion of more space and neatness.

    As a suggestion, You can make more space between the article and the layout columns. They are quite close to each other.
    If you want, you can also go for dark green text instead of the light one because after a point, it kind of gives a strain. And, moreover visibility is defined more with dark colored texts.

    Loving the new look, anyways! :D
    Heena recently posted…Deborah Milano Atomic Red Matte Lipstick “05” Review and SwatchMy Profile

    • i will try playing with the green to see how it works.
      thank you heena for such an elaborate response, always appreciated.

  4. The new layout is very nice! The mint green is fine on my screen but might not be ok for others depending on their screen resolution.


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