Gasp! Urban Decay Does It Again!

Ever heard of the phrase “jale pe namak chidakna” (to sprinkle salt on the burn)? That’s exactly how I  you all must be feeling. Yes you guessed right, Urban Decay is coming up with the second edition of the NAKED palette. You know what? It should licensed. Like those who have the Naked Palette 1 should not be allowed the new one until every beauty obsessed girl gets one in her kitty. Naked is already a sensation in the beauty world, so I’m expecting its successor would only take it to the higher levels.

I almost fainted when I saw these pictures. *droooools*

You notice the new metallic packaging?

So this time its a gloss instead of the eyeshadow insurance.


Here are the swatches:

Picture source

So the palette is coming out in February next year. My clever brain is already coming out with a few plans…theft robbery… haha kidding. I’m a good I? *wonders*

Price: $50

Disclaimer- I do not claim ownership of any of these pictures. They are credited to their respective owners.


  1. Hi

    Done some research after reading ur post yest – its already out online (on the Urban Decay site) and sold out. The second lot will be out soon……

    You have opened a Pandora’s box here. I have to get this or rather NAKED! It was sold out in Sephora at Singapore when I visited and I picked the Anniversary pallette instead. That is awesome BTW.

    How do u plan to get this?




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