Tutorial: How To Boho Fishtail Braided Hairstyle with Colours

how to fishtail braid on yourself step by step tutorial


Glam Up Your Messy Fishtail Braid

Alright! So here is a news I’d been trying so hard to hide from you girls. Last month Elle India contacted me telling I’ve been nominated as one of the bloggers for the Blogger of the Year Award 2014! Its the first time this category has been introduced to the Elle Beauty Awards and its such an honour to be a part of it. Ofcourse nothing comes easy and to win this award I’ve to complete 3 challenges. For the first task they asked me to a step by step hair tutorial on a braid and add a fun twist to it. Well the thing with braids is that the artwork that goes in them never shows up on our dark black hair. So to think of a braid that actually looks fun and creative on camera was quite a challenge!

I shortlisted Elsa’s French Braid (Frozen). Well on my dark hair it turned out like an ordinary french braid because I don’t have light blonde hair with highlights to frame my face. So instead I picked my favourite fishtail braid and added my own touch of colour to it. And yeah messed it to no end!

messy fishtail braid tools

What you’ll need

  • Colorful yarn. I’m also using a couple of feather extensions that I have. Take as many light pastel colours as possible. Since its not winter yet I only managed this much. But you can add as many colours as you want. You can use hair chalks but they stain your clothes so I won’t recommend them
  • Hair elastics
  • Scissors
  • Hair Spray
  • Bobby pins
  • Camera to take selfies!

fishtail braid step by step pictures instructions do it yourself


Step 1: Prep your hair. Use some texturizing spray to add some volume to the hair. I used L’Oreal Professional Dry Shampoo since my hair was a bit oily that day. Section your hair and start teasing the roots to add more volume.

Step 2: Take some 10-12 colourful wool strands and tie them to the roots making tight knots. For the feather extensions I used some bobby pins to secure them.

Step 3: Part your hair and pin the remaining to the side.

Step 4: Take a dark elastic and tie your hair. And now part it in two sections.

Step 5: Take a strand of hair from underneath the right section and bring it over to the left section so it wraps the entire right section. Keep the thickness medium (preferable half an inch)

Step 6: Do the same with the left section. Now you will see a cross forming.

Step 7: Repeat the above 2 steps until the braid is finished.

Step 8: Trim off the yarn with a pair of scissors. Also cut the elastic you tied in step 4. To make the braid look a little bohemian and fuller, just tug the edges and pull some hair out.

Step 9: Kiss the mirror and start taking selfies!

fishtail braid tutorial with pictures


Classic fishtail has to be the most gorgeous braid ever. One of the few braids which can easily be taken from day to night just by adding a little colour and fun. Don’t worry if you don’t have the length to make one. The more layers you have, the more boho it will look. Personally I love to mess it up as much as I can.

fishtail braid with wool strands extensions instructions


The theme required me to dress up my braid so I added this colourful and young vibe to it. You don’t need to have hair chalks to colour your braid. Just take a few colourful yarns instead. I love myself some coloured hair extensions so I added those as well. I won’t recommend ribbons because they slip off easily.

tutorial how to french fishtail colourful for evenings

Red lipstick: MAC Ruby Woo/ Earrings Similar/ Black top with sheer shoulder panels HERE/Feather extensions HERE/ Nail Paint: Colorbar Cocktail Brights Lime Margarita

This is part 1 of the three challenges. There would be eliminations at the end of each challenge and only winning bloggers will move ahead. To see me coming up with more tutorials and fun posts like this please make sure you vote for me. No pressure but I would really appreciate your bit. Who knows I might get to attend the Elle Beauty Awards 2014 in October! I’m already working on Challenge #2 which is something budget beauties and makeup beginners would enjoy. You can vote for me by clicking on the heart HERE


  1. Oh dear!! You look so pretty! Nopes, it’s not ‘beautiful’ or something, but ‘pretty’!!! The idea of wool is really a good one! I finally think got the courage to try a fishtail I think.


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