Tutorial: How To Adele Golden Globe/Grammy Makeup Look

ADELE GOLDEN GLOBE INSPIRED cat eye makeup tutorial step by step

Celeb Wednesday: How To Do Makeup Like Adele’s Golden Globes or Grammy’s Look

By Contributor: Mahima

We are starting a weekly feature where every Wednesday I will do a Celebrity makeup tutorial. So for this wednesday I’ve chosen the very famous Adele. OMG she is just flawless. Her makeup looks phenomenal as always. And she just totally rocked it in the golden globes, I just loved her outfit and the whole look. Her eyes had that flirty shine and at the same time were extremely bold with her falsies and winged liner, her face was heavily contoured like always and her lips were subtle beige and pinky color. So let’s get started with the step by step makeup tutorial with as minimal steps as possible. My ladies get your brushes and makeup all ready to rock it with me. And yes put on your favorite adele track, I love “someone like you” what about you?

Start of with a clean face and apply your base makeup. Now let’s move on to the eyes.

ADELE GOLDEN GLOBE INSPIRED cat eye makeup tutorial step 1
Adele makeup step 1 and 2


Step 1: apply a cream golden eyeshadow on your entire eye lid. Product used- Maybelline color tattoo in bold gold

Step 2:  now apply a shimmery eyeshadow on the lid and also on the brow bone for a subtle highlight. (TIP: use a patting motion to avoid fallouts) Product used- NYX eyeshadow in silk

ADELE GOLDEN GLOBE INSPIRED cat eye makeup tutorial step 2
Adele makeup step 3 and 4

Step 3: now apply a medium brown shade in your crease with a fluffy blending brush. Product used- NYX eyeshadow in matte brown

Step 4: now tight line your eyes using any kohl pencil of your choice. Product used- Maybelline colossal kajal.

ADELE GOLDEN GLOBE INSPIRED cat eye makeup tutorial step 3
Adele makeup step 5 and 6

Step 5: now just be an eyeliner ninja and line your eyes using a gel liner or liquid liner. Refer to my cat winged liner tutorial if you don’t know how to do this. Product used- Clinique gel liner.

Step 6: smoke out your liner using a black eyeshadow and also apply this to your lower lash line for a little definition. Product used- MAC carbon.

ADELE GOLDEN GLOBE INSPIRED cat eye makeup tutorial step 4
Adele makeup step 7

Step 7: now apply loads and loads of mascara on you top and bottom lashes, apply false lashes like adele is wearing (recommendation: ardell demi wispies) Product used- maybelline falsies mascara (waterproof)

ADELE GOLDEN GLOBE INSPIRED cat eye makeup tutorial step 5
Adele makeup step 8

Step 8: Finish off with a little bit of lip gloss or lipstick, I used lipgloss but if you want you can use a nude lipstick (recommendation- MAC hug me). Product used: l’oreal 6H glam shine in the shade hold on rose

ADELE GOLDEN GLOBE INSPIRED cat eye makeup tutorial step 6
Adele makeup step 9

Step 9:  its time to contour! WOHOO I love this step seriously, so ladies suck in you cheeks and make that famous fishy face and apply a dark powder in the hollows of your cheeks. And and and don’t forget the brush, although she aint wearing too much of blush but a light wash of color could be worn. Product used: contour- MAC harmony blush and blush- Maybelline cheeky glow in creamy cinnamon.

ADELE GOLDEN GLOBE INSPIRED cat eye makeup tutorial final look
Adele makeup: final look

Step 10: POSEEE!!

Woohallaaaa we are done. So now just go on rock whichever event you want like adele rocked golden globes!

ADELE GOLDEN GLOBE makeup tutorial
Adele makeup transformation tutorial

If you want her Grammy look then just wear a bold red lipstick (recommendation: MAC Ruby Woo) and you can transform this look to even her Oscars look. Basically its her signature look, the eye remain the same with dramatic cat eyeliner and full lashes, just the lipstick changes.

Which is your favourite Adele makeup look? Share your views with us.



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