Trend: Long Messy Wavy Hair

A bad hair cut makes you do all sorts of crazy things. As you know by my post here I got a bad hair cut done and now I keep oggling at celebrity photos and this is how I came up with this post. I’ve the kind of hair which most girls in my college envy (come on why would I exaggerate!). I’ve poker straight long hair and at some point of time you do get bored of them They are easily managable(I dont comb for days at a strecth), BUT plain boring to deal with. I’ve always LOVED messy wavy hair. And there is noone who does it better than Miley Cyrus.
wavy hair long
Miley Cyrus

She has gone from a brunette to blond to different colored highlights. Mostly she wears extensions. Whatever it is I love it!

But there is a catch, extremely styled hair are a no-no like this

I wanted to do a tutorial but.. you-know-why… :\

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  1. @anju ya a typical case of teenage gone under spotlight. i like her too.

    @mehak dats becoz d stupid hair dresser chopped half my hair off!!

    @live agree :))

    @rentu sach mei na :)

    @rakshanda ahem she isnt dat innocent! :P

    @nivedita oh u should b happy na?

    @anamika i would post it *when* my hair grows back!

    @jiya i would.sissy love.muuah!!


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