Three Mistakes of My Life: Aishwarya Rai’s Red Carpet Looks at Cannes 2013

aishwarya rai cannes

So here we have the “most beautiful woman” again. Is she? For the premiere of Cleopatra at the ongoing Cannes 2013, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan walked the red carpet in a teal Gucci Première gown. Well she does seem to follow VNA! I criticized her in my last post on the bright red lips look that she never experiments and here we finally see some colour. Its a colour riot here! The satin teal gown is nothing to write about except for the fact that its teal. Teal! The fuchsia lips steal the show. Those hot pink lips are pulling everything

together. The eyes for once are not smokey and kept light with slight silver shimmer on them.
aishwarya blue cleopatra
Aishwarya Ra at Cannes 2013 for Cleopatra premiere

Agreed the hairdo is a bit too tight for the look but its the nape where all the drama is. The braiding at the back impressed me!

aishwarya cannes hair
Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s hairdo and makeup Cannes

And here is the makeup breakdown of you want to know the lipstick shade. Its Color Rich Matte Mania Crazy Fuchsia.

aishwarya makeup breakdown
Aishwarya Rai’s makeup breakdown for the hot pink look

Next up is her red carpet appearance for the 100 Years Of Hindi Cinema gala. I can’t describe how funny this look is.

aishwarya cannes makeup
Aishwarya Rai’s makeup at Cannes 2013

The Bachchan bahu wore a black Sabyasachi couture saree. Ever since Cannes 2013, we are watching such Sabya overload that I’m now on the verge of hating everything Sabya or khadi. The all black saree with golden embroidery is too much. Is that how regular Indian women look like when they wear saris? They look 1000 times better!

aishwarya sabyasachi saree
Aishwarya Rai at 100 years of Indian cinema gala

And what on earth is that golden headband doing there? Did she think it was a tiara? Was she pulling off an Indian princess look with loads of gold in her tijori? Or was she pulling off a Chinese doll look?

aishwarya 100 cinema
Aishwarya Rai in sabyasachi couture saree at Cannes 2013

The whole look is a joke. Walking the red carpet in a terrible saree is one thing. But taking the terrible to a whole funnier level with accessories from a craft store is another.

aishwarya cannes cinema
Aishwarya Rai Bachchan at 100 years of Hindi Cinema gala at Cannes

And the last look by the Bollywood lady is this. She walked the red carpet for Blood Ties Premiere at Cannes 2013 in a floor-length Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla gown tent.

aishwarya blood ties
Aishwarya Rai makeup at Cannes 2013

Okay now learn mug up this mantra:

#1 Say no to Abu Jani & Sandeep forever. They look trash on you. I stood by you when the world told stories about you in the Abu Jani & Sandeep Khosla saree last year at Cannes. Is it a ritual that you have to wear atleast one outfit by them every year?

#2 If you want to cover up, what are flowy light dresses for? Say no to this garbage junk table cloth. And once again the makeup os smokey eyes and nude lips. Do you guys even need a makeup breakdown?

aishwarya abu sandeep
Aishwarya Rai Abu Jani & Sandeep Khosla at Cannes 2013

So I think her red carpet appearances wrap up here. Out of the three, the last two are definitely Two Mistakes of her Life. The “three” was just to make the title look better. Haa!


  1. The Abu Sandeep gown is lovely. So unlike the OTT stuff they come up with all the time.

    I just love how brave she has been with the bold choices she made. Her face is perfection. She saved or face after the fashion faux pas made by Sonam and Vidya this year

  2. trust me-the celebrities have done total injustice to Indian traditional wear in the Cannes-looking at them-no European/ American would ever want to try out a sari!!! one humble suggestion to these celebs-before going for an event walk-do a full dress up and look at the mirror!!! even teenage girls do that !!!
    anuradhakar recently posted…Be Talk : The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil ReviewMy Profile

  3. Call me crazy but I found her first ‘teal gown look’ extremely cheap. The fabric might be some rich silk or whatever but the way it’s shining it looks so cheap! And the cut- the one shouldered design, the non-shiny teal fabric around the bust…it looks like some dress bought out of a fancy dress store. The hairdo from the back looks quite intricate with the braiding and all but from up front it looks BAAAAAD. Somehow even the bright makeup isn’t working here.

  4. What’s with all the hate? Surely one can write a critique without coming across so petty and nasty! We Women are our own worst enemies!

    • so true ,Zee . To the writer : Everyone has a different point of view and style .Why bash them if you don’t like it .

  5. […] Sonam has learned from her past mistakes at Cannes and didn’t go over board this year so yeah quite impressed with all the appearances. VNA is going to recreate most of these makeup looks for you so don’t worry and sit back while we bring you some makeup lessons and tutorials along with a detailed post like this on Aishwarya Rai. […]


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