The Body Shop Rainforest Coconut Hair Oil Review

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The Body Shop Rainforest Coconut Hair Oil Review

Last Saturday I asked my mom to give me a hair oil massage and her jaw dropped. She told my father and his jaw dropped. My brother Cherry overheard and he put both his hands on his mouth. Well don’t be confused. Actually I run away from hair oils at the very mention of them and suddenly I was asking for a champi myself. Its been almost 2yrs since I let that sticky thing touch my hair. Oils have their way of
travelling to my chin and I shudder at the very thought of them!
BAMMMM comes the new Rainforest Coconut hair oil from The Body Shop and I get all excited. I’m a regular user of their Rainforest shampoo and conditioners so obviously this had expectations. Plus the no silicons tag and I got sold.

This hair oil is supposed to be all natural and eco-friendly. And the packaging is quite different from regular coconut hair oils too. But the best part is that it doesn’t have that very trademark coconut oil fragrance. I don’t know how to describe but its different and good. Also this time the oil didn’t travel upto my chin! Its light and non-sticky and that is what I look for mainly.

I’ve used it twice and judging my the amount I used up, this is going to last me well over 6months. I have broken my long term hair oil virginity!

Its November mid, the cold winds are slapping us on our face but this refuses to dry up like other hair oils. Its molecular structure is still loose!

The Body Shop, I’m looking at you for Moroccan oil too. Anybody listening?

Plus its: Paraben Free, Solicone Free, Colourant Free.

hair oil
natural paraben free coconut hair oil
organic oil
tbs coconut hair oil

Price: Rs.645 for 200ml

So is it for you? Yes if you are looking for a coconut hair oil which gets absorbed easily, is light, non-sticky, smells good and paraben and silicon free. What’s not to like. If you don’t mind the price then definitely go for this.


  1. After an amazing hair styling with it, I’ve been thinking about picking up Moroccan oil from the past week now. The price-tag is the one thing pulling me back though.


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