The August Theme at VNA: Contributors Attention!

base makeup month

I was thinking of going for a theme from some time. So let’s start from the start. Let’s celebrate August as the base makeup month here. Those pale beige boring looking bottles and tubes are often overlooked. You can go wrong with your eye shadow or lipstick but oh no no

   not your foundation. These little pots should be your area of investment before lipsticks and blushes. So I’ve decided to feature more of them this month. But there still will be the usual lipsticks and eyeshadows. Btw I just realised I’m a bad mommy for blushes..dont feature them here much. Do you think so too?

Note to all the contributors: Bring out all your foundations, concealers, primers, powders, compacts, BB creams, face mists colour correctors, makeup brushes and reach out to me asap!


Founder and Editor-in-chief, VNA. When she is not moonlighting as the editor, you can find her watching american sitcoms and movies. She is a huge lover of literature, instagram, snapchat and food and could possibly be more passionate about these than makeup!



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