Something Summery, Something Yellow, Something Pink – Colourburst!

Deepika Padukone in Arpita Mehta saree

Deepika wore this simple netted lime green saree with a neon pink mirrored border. Go Deepika!! I think nobody wears Indian sarees the way she does. If you have the body to carry this sheer saree then please do. The saree is by Arpita Mehta. I think she is slowly becoming the sought after designer of B town. And she especially specializes in these pop of colours. Earlier I showed you Madhuri Dixit sporting a bright green saree by her. I love the blouse too. People if you have un-stitched blouses then take clues.


Deepika Padukone in neon saree

This photo was in my special folder since last week. Every time I see an outfit worth talking about or worth saving in my phone and taking it to the boutique girl, I save it.

Btw I just saw Hunger Games and absolutely loved it. I didn’t know it was the same little boy from Little Manhattan until the end! And now I just saw the Hunger Games 2 trailer and can’t wait. Maybe I will read the book till then. I always happen to watch the movies before reading the books…..need to change this habit!

PS – I don’t own the images and can’t remember where I took them from.



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