How to Write Reviews and Take Pictures

Here are the guidelines for REVIEWS. Please read carefully.

1. Please go through our introduction page very carefully. Please read everything there is.

1. Send atleast 10 images per review. Lipstick/lipgloss swatches should be accompanied by lip swatches. Eyeliner/kohl/mascara/eyeshadow swatches should be accompanied by eye swatches. You can send full face shots if you are comfortable.

2. The review should be atleast be of 800 words without counting product claims. Many writers try to cover the word limit by doing too much of claim, price or ingredients, and a few lines are devoted to their experience with the product or pros and cons. Please devote time to write your experience, pros and cons in depth. That’s what our readers are looking for.

3. To conclude use sections like “what are the good points”, “what are the bad points”, “Price”, “VNA Rating”, “conclusion”.

4. Send the review in a word doc. Send the pics in a separate zip folder. Attach them in the mail together. Avoid cloud attachments please.

5. Please do not copy experience, pros and cons from other reviews on different beauty blogs/ websites. We check most of the reviews we receive for plagiarism. If a writer is found to be guilty of this, we will immediately ban her from VNA.

6. Please edit your review for grammatical mistakes before sending it to us. Pay attention to correct Product name, commas, difference between it’s and its, etc.

The second most important thing in the reviews are images. Tips on clicking better photos for swatches and tutorials:

1. ALWAYS click photos in natural day light. No use of flash or artificial lights.

2. Best time to shoot? 11am-4pm. Best place to shoot? Backyard, frontyard, terrace, anywhere with good natural light. Dont click directly under sunlight though, click under a shade so there aren’t any shadows.

3. Use the macro mode setting of your camera. The one with a flower sign on it.

4. You can use an A4 white plain sheet or a plain background for product images. Or any light and pleasant background.

5. For lip swatches, take them from a distance so they aren’t blurred. You can later crop them.

6. Please take clear images. That means taking pictures with a camera and not cellphones.

7. Please resize the images before sending it to us. If you are using windows, save the image, right-click on it, open with Windows Picture Manager or Paint, and resize in it. Keep the width of images between 800-900.

8. Please do not steal images for products or swatches from other reviews on the internet. We would terminate the contract immediately. Plagiarism is a big deal. And yes we would find out. We have tools for that.

9. Try to click color of the swatches as close as possible to the actual product. The color of the swatches are very important.

10. Send the images separately as attachment in the email or as a zipped file instead of placing them in the word file.

Important information: We add author bio at the end of posts. So send us your bio in third person voice along with a good profile photo. Do mention your skin type, skin tone (example medium or NC 35), eye color, hair type, hair color.

Last but not the least, please remind us of an article that you sent but was not published ONLY after a week. Sending reminders again and again doesn’t speed up the process. Please be considerate.

And if the above guidelines seem rude in any way then please bear. We are not trying to be rude but we come across such bad quality posts and writers everyday that it becomes important to mention everything very clearly and openly. If you are sure about your work then you don’t need to worry about anything.

Go through the important details for writers and how to write general articles page for more information.