Review: Lakme Absolute Salon Hair Smoothing Experience (London Edition)

lakme absolute salon london theme world menu review

 Lakme Absolute Salon Hair Smoothening Experience

Last week we got invited by the Lakme team to visit their salon to try out one of their services from the latest limited edition London menu from the Runways of the World collection. What it means is that every month or so they will pick a city and create a menu of services inspired from the city and its trends. Like this month its London and they created a menu of some 9 services involving hair bangs, ombre hair, half moon manicure, hair smoothening, anti ageing facial, etc. So we visited the Lakme Absolute Salon in South Ex-1, Delhi which I visited last year as well for the now popular coloured hair extensions. I like this particular branch from their other salons because the design is quite modern and classy.

lakme salon london edition menu price
lakme salon london edition menu let’s decide what to pick. Since I wanted to take loads of pics that day which wouldn’t have been possible if I underwent the service myself so I got this brilliant idea to pamper mom and cover everything for VNA as well. I know! Since her hair is quite dry and frizzy we opted for the hair smoothing service.

lakme absolute salon hair spa packages
hair wash

Trust me it took a lot of effort to make her try hair smoothing. She doesn’t even colour her hair regularly because of the fear of chemicals. So yep had to coax her into it!

lakme salon hair smoothening review price
lakme salon hair smoothing

The hair treatment involves a hair wash and then some chemical thingy is applied on your hair. Then a hair wash again followed by another round of lotions and potions. The whole process took around 2-3 hours.

lakme absolute salon south ex delhi review
lakme absolute salon

So while the hair is being done lemme take you around the Lakme Absolute salon and show you things that picked my interest.

lakme absolute salon runways of the world menu props

Yep these are the props for you! You can pick anything from the scarfs to the mustaches and then pose for the camera!

lakme absolute salon tigi retail counter
lakme absolute salon tigi

This area was calling out my name ever since I came their last year. I saw they have added a lot of new brands to their portfolio. Earlier it was just TIGI Bed Head and S Factor now they have Schwarzkopf, Eminence Organics (from My Envy Box), Thalgo and some others I don’t yet recognize.

lakme absolute salon brand partners

They also retail this stuff. So if you guys can’t find these brands online then you can buy them from the Lakme salon as well.

lakme absolute makeup reviews price list
lakme absolute makeup

I spent quite a lot of time at the Lakme makeup counter. Took a few swatches which I will show you in the next post.

lakme salon hair colouring review price
lakme salon

We were quite worried that the results might not show up because of the henna coated hair. Henna dries up your hair and coats your hair so that no chemical treatment works as effectively as its supposed to. The hair stylist there convinced mom to never apply henna and use hair colours to cover greys as much as possible. Well..I think he was quite successful.

lakme salon hair straightening service before after
hair treatment

And taddaaa here are the results! You can see how drastic the difference is.

lakme salon hair smoothening review photos cost
lakme salon hair smoothing review

The hair smoothing is supposed to last 6-8 months nicely. Ofcourse proper care is necessary. I liked that the hair stylist was not trying to promote their stuff and genuinely recommended a lot of options from quite a few brands as far as hair care products like shampoos and conditioners go. He also suggested mom to go for deep conditioning every week and a hair spa every month.

lakme absolute salon hair packages reviews
lakme absolute salon

Price: Rs.6k-8k depending on the length of hair

I quite like the results. You can see the shine and the smoothness. My cousin’s wedding is in September and earlier we were thinking of some hair updos for her. But now I guess she can keep her hair loose as well with a little bit of styling..which yours truly will do ofcourse. As far as the world runway menus go I think its a nice way to market the services. There are some offers where you get a nail art free with a bill of 5k and above. So its a nice time to indulge in some hair pampering if you have been thinking from some time.

Although I have a few options but I would like to know what you girls use. Please recommend some good shampoos and conditioners for chemically treated hair. All brands welcome but should be available easily.

PS – Is it smoothening or smoothing? Every time I say smoothing I feel like having a mango smoothie!

Have you tried any services from Lakme Absolute salon? Share your views with us.


  1. nice results.. :) the lakme guys were convincing me last time i visited their saloon.. though.. i did not go for it… i have the same kurta which ur mom is wearing.. ;)

    for treated hair… i would suggest to use loreal/Schwarzkopf repair range.. the loreal liss ultime…

  2. hi

    I have upto should hair length and lakme guy asking me 3200 after 20% discount…I am thinking still and i am confused too as I am interested in growing my hair first :) what you suggest?


  3. Hi Anshita…
    thanks for your review on this process. your mum’s hair looks wonderful. I’ve been thinking of getting this done since quite sometime now but i’m more worried about the after effects of the process, like hairfall, crimping from the roots after a few months. i find that phase a bit shabby. Now that almost 4 months have passed can you please share how ur mum’s hair is now. ( a pic would be very helpful). is there any problem with managing the ‘straight’ look? did she experience any hair fall? is the smoothened texture phasing out to a crimped look? if so, how can that be managed? and in case you decide to repeat the long must one wait before going for it again?

    i’m sorry for bombarding you with these questions but i’m not able to find any reviews tht state the condition of the hair after a few months of smoothening. ive never gotten any rebonding or perming or any such long lasting processes to my hair so i just want to make a knowledgeable
    Awaiting your response,

    • hey there. her hair is still the same and that’s without use of special shampoos and hair spa. she doesn’t spend a lot of time on it. usually the phase you are talking about takes 8-8 months to show up and it does get difficult then and that’s the only con i guess

  4. Hey there, love ur blog ! Your mom has very pretty hair.. And clearly shows how you ended up with such lovely hair urself :-).. Runs in d family, eh? :-)
    I totally agree henna dries the hair, but let me tell you a workaround. Mix a lot of curd in henna. It should be one part henna and one part fresh curd. And the more you whisk it, the better after mixing both. Apply this paste instead of only henna. It wud do magic to ur hair. Have been tested and passed across generations in my family :-)
    I nvr tried smoothening @ lakme but I have tried their cysteine complex treatment and it was quite good too. With proper care, results lasted me a good 9-10 months.

    • a hair stylist once told me that curd lightens up your hair. although i do agree its an excellent conditioner

    • Hi manisha, can you please tell me morr about cystiene treatment? Did u face any side effects? And how were your hair like post treatment? Smooth or pin straight? And after how long did the result fade away? Would you recommend this treatment ?

  5. Hi,

    Can you please tell me the difference between rebonding n smoothening?? Which lasts longer? I have lill more wavy hair like your mom.. Please guide.

  6. hi Anshita,

    I m silent readr of ur blog from long time. I need your help can u pls tell me which produts had been used in hair smoothening for your mom hair in lakme salon. Please reply as soon as possible.

  7. hi Anshita,

    I am planning for smoothening my hair.My hair is little more frizzy then your mom’s hair.
    I want smoothening to last atleast 6 months .
    Please share approx charges also.
    Please suggest me best parlour gurgaon or south Delhi.(i mean approachable to gurgaon )
    Thanks a lot in advance

  8. Hi Anshita
    Your mom’s hair look great. I was thinking of getting the treatment. I wanted to ask that did your mom experience any hair loss due to the treatment?
    I am a little worried about dryness n hair loss after the treatment.
    Please guide me

  9. Hi Anshita,
    Please share the total cost involved as my hairs condition is same as your mothers and I m planning to go for a smoothening

  10. hey anshita …hii thr…evn m thnking of gng for hair smoothening….my hair are wavy n bit frizzy toooo…as m getting married this november i ws thnkng of gng for dis treatment…jus wanna knw when i shud get it done befor marriage…n as u knw for marriage different hairstyles are done…so after smoothening different hairstyles are possible….du they damage the hair after hairstyles…???plz reply dear… m waitng…

  11. Hey anshita..i hv long hair much below shoulders..i hd undergone for smoothing process before 2 yrs..nw again my hair hs becm very dry n frizzy..m thnkng to go 4 smoothing process again bcoz i wnt to keep my hair i cnt cm to cn u suggest me any salon in bangalore..n whot cud b d charges dere..

  12. Hi, your pics look good but couldnt help not commenting on Henna part.

    Henna doesnt dry hair and is infact a conditioner in itself. I am no Henna Fan (coz of the redness it brngs to grays) and convinced my mom too for inoa color, but henna has a very softening /smoothening/conditioning effect in itself.

    Instead of just listening recommnedations of these stylist, I would always insist you google through verified sites first, as many of these stylists dont know much (but ofcos they pretend like they do!)

    Be smart and decide by your own wisdon :)

  13. Hi,results are good.What smoothening is this??schwarzkopf ,loreal or matrix??does smoothning results in hairfall??

  14. Dear I have bit dry (not so straight) hairs and as I am a Sikh I don’t get them cut so they are a bit damaged..
    I want to ask which would be better for my hairs smoothening or reminding?

  15. Got my smoothening done at lakme vasant vihar..turned out to be an absolute waste of my money. I paid 7000+taxes. Prior to getting my smoothening done I visited the salon and took the advice to the so called expert present at the salon. He told me there are 3 things smoothening, straight therpapy and rebonding. Rebonding was to get poker straight hair, straight therapy would mean just a keratin treatment and for smoothening I would be getting 70-80% straight hair, texture would be smoothed, as a result I’ll get sort of straight smooth silky hair. I went for it after an hour of talking about my apprehensions. I ended up getting a smoothening treatment. It went for 3 hours approx, which was weird because the entire process usually lasts upto 4-5 hours. Anyways I got it done and in the end my hair was blow dried and was told this is the look I’ll have on. I was satisfied. After 72 hours I washed my hair with the shampoo I was told to use and bought it from the salon itself and a hair mask. I did everything I was asked to do and even called up the stylist to confirm if I can get wash my hair. He said yes. I washed it and it got dried , and one side was curly and one side was straight. And the texture was same. I clicked pictures and send it to the stylist. I had to get back to Mumbai so I couldn’t visit the salon for a couple of months, which was spent in distress , since no one I met failed to even notice that I had got my treatment done. The hair texture was still the same. I kept messaging my stylist if I could visit a lakme salon in Mumbai but he declined. I came back after a month went to the salon and the stylist wasn’t there so I had to show my hair to some one stylist in the same salon. He said it’s absolutely fine , yes the hair isn’t smooth but this is how smoothening is. If you want to stronger result I’ll do it again. I said I want to meet the stylist who is responsible for this. Later after a.month more I came back to meet the stylist and as per him the treatment seems absolutely fine .SMOOTHENING DOES NOT MEAN STRAIGHT HAIR OR smoothened TEXTURE. ALL IT MEANS IS IT’LL CONTROL MY VOLUME. I was flabbergasted. I went to Madonna vasant vihar the same day and no one could come terms to the fact that I had got a treatment done. Guys no one should ever get their smoothening done from lakme. It’s a request. I wasted my money and will make sure everyone comes to know about it. I can show you the images if need be.

  16. Hi how are u .i want to ask you that .will we get some volume in hair while getting done the hair smoothening treatment

  17. Hy, the hair smoothening is looking very nice…I have a question.
    Do ur mom is facing any hair fall post smoothening..? Because I am suffering from hair fall if I do hair smoothening does it effect more


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