Random Haul

I’m not able to take swatches of the products I’m dying to review. By the time I’m free, its already dusk and I absolutely hate clicking pictures in artificial light. In fact no blogger (beauty bloggers most importantly) should take pictures with flash. Khaer mujhe kya! (Who cares!)
So I digged  up my drafts and found this! A haul I made around a month ago which never made it here.

1. Green Tea – I’m soon going to post a DIY on green tea toners, and that’s exactly why I got it.
2. Beauty Formulas Nose Strips – These are my first blackhead nose strips. Review coming soon.
3. Lotus Anti-Tan Gel – got it from a blog sale.
4. Lotus 3 in 1 Mate Sunscreen- works as a nice TM too.

5. Fiama Di Will Shower Gel – I really like it. Got the loofah free with it and the duo has made a permanent spot in my bathroom!
6. Johnson’s Baby Oil – for makeup removal, when everything else failed.
7. Incolor Lip Liner – A nice everyday pink
8. VOV Metallic Eye Liner – worn in an eye look here.
8. Oriflame Eye Lash Curler
9. Pantene Shampoo and Conditioner – review coming soon

You can request for the reviews, in case.
Have a happy weekend!


  1. Nice haul!
    Try fab india’s aloe vera face cream with spf30. I’m loving that these days and its been more then 6months and still it hasn’t finished! I use it only for my face. And bloody affordable. :)

  2. @crazy i was searching for a nice aloe vera gel cream..thanks would def check out

    @rentu i’m lazy too..dats how it made it here almost a month late :P

    @mimi personal picks..watch out for d review on these strips

    @fathima i ♥ making ppl jealous :P
    yes they r spooky n perfect for halloween na?

  3. Hey where did you get the incolor liner? did you order it online? I have been looking for their eye liner, its amazing. doesn’t budge from the waterline. pls let me know. :) thanks.


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