Queen Cosmetics Lipstick in Coral – Review, Swatches

Queen Cosmetics Lipstick in Coral – Review, Swatches
Price of a floral dress: Rs.1500
Price of a an expensive hair cut: Rs.1600
Price of a red lipstick: Rs.1000
Expressions on my mom’s face when I first opened this tube: Priceless
Hahaha my mom seldom comes out of her nudes. Okay I love nudes too but not everytime. I try to keep my other lip colours happy too. But mom..she is always stuck with Maybelline My Mahogany and Nyx Frappucino, which by the way look very pretty on her. I sometimes wonder how the colours magically change when she wears them. Okay so you got the story, my mom is scared of reds. Like literally scared. And well I admit, after opening the tube I got scared too. Like really scared. How on earth was I supposed to wear such a bright in-your-face tomato red? So this lipstick was thrown away in a corner never to see sunshine again. Not quite. I took it out a month later and…
queen cosmetics lipstick review

 Queen Claims: Vibrant colors for sensitive lips.

sheer red lipstick swatch

 The Colour: Okay how do I start explaining the colour. Its something you get when you mix 1tbsp of red with 1 tspn full of coral and 1/2 tspn pink. (Professor Utonium where are you? errr..no chemical X this time please). Its not the bright tomatoish red you see in the tube but a pretty sheer red with hints of coral and pink. This is a red we don’t get to see much, atleast I’ve never seen a red like this ever. It is sheer so you need a couple of swipes for the colour to come up.

The texture is creamy and moisturising. More than creamy the texture is wet and juicy. Think Maybelline Watershines but with better pigmentation and lasting power. So you get those juicy wet sheer red lips with a couple of swipes. You don’t need a lip balm with this one since the creaminess will take care of the dry lips. Another thing I like about it is the staying power. It is a long staying lipstick despite its wet and creamy nature. It stays on for a good 7-8 hrs when worn at full intensity. And even then it fades behind a light tint. I like to wear it as a lip tint with my fingers and it stays like that for some 4hrs with eating and drinking.

But I don’t like how it settles into my lip lines. And another thing I noticed is that it bleeds. So I make it a point to wear a lip liner with this. Another issue is the packaging. I’m not really fussy about packaging and things but the shape of the tube makes it inconvenient to apply it specially in the inner corners (The same issue is with Deborah Milano Atomic Red lipsticks also).

lip makeup cosmetics

Price: £10.50 (Rs.830)

So is it for you? Get it for the colour! Its a sheer red coral colour with hints of pink. The texture is wet and juicy and moisturising. Also the lasting power is somewhere where it performs really well. But it settles into my lip lines and bleeds after sometime which I don’t like. The tube has this straight tip which makes it a little inconvenient to apply directly. So you need to think about these issues before going for it.

PS- Queen cosmetics is a British brand which specializes in makeup and skin care for sensitive skin in case you don’t know.

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  1. Haha… I love how you’ve described the colour like a recipe.. Oh and yay! Rock em brights… Next pick up a bright fuchsia ok!


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