Priyanka Chopra….Getting Her Tastes Right!

Just last week I discussed two of Priyanka Chopra’s outfits and concluded that she has a horrible taste when it comes to western attire. Seems I spoke too fast. Here is she surprising me with her outfit choice….is this a start?

Priyanka Chopra dress
Priyanka Chopra at Asmi Launch, Dubai

Last week she was in Dubai for some jewelry lauch for Asmi being since she is its brand ambassador. She wore an aqua blue dress by Gauri and Nainika Karan. Firstly, I love the colour. I don’t know girls are so mad about pink since blue is such a flattering colour…on just anyone.

Priyanka Chopra outfit
Priyanka Chopra in Gauri and Nainika

I don’t get the deal about her signature brown lips. WHO on earth loves brown lips? okay PC does. I’m not going into the makeup nor I’m gonna criticize it today since I’m just happy that she got her outfit right. What do you think?

Photo courtesy: Sanish Cherian


  1. Oh the color luks fab on her…plese plese someone gift her a diffrent colored lipstick…the brown is oh so boring


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