Ponds White Beauty Facewash Review

Skin Stats: Combination, sensitive, acne-prone

 Price: Rs.60 ($2)
Quantity: 60gm
How to use?

Wet your face. Apply to face and neck and gently massage. Rinse off.

What I like?
  • It cleanses thoroughly. It removes all dirt and grime very effectively.
  • My face glows after every use. I don’t know about the fairness part, neither I paid attention but my face radiats. Maybe because it gets squeaky cleaned.
  • Controls oil to a large extent. It would be helpful in summers to the oilies.
  • It has got this mild scent.
  • You only need half a pea size amount. So, a little goes a long way.
  • It has got this creamy consistensy and foams like mad! 
  • Inexpensive
What I don’t like?
  • ·It dries your face and you immediately need a moisturizer after that. Not good for dry skin girls. 
  • Although it didn’t break me out but its regular use made my skin more sensitive and red and I had to go back to cetaphil again.
My Ratings: 3.5/5
 Repurchase? No
Conclusion: Dry girls stay away. Oilies girls would love it in summers. However, if you have sensitive skin like me then I suggest you better not try this.

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  1. You can try the green capped tubes. Those are very nice. Doesn’t dry up the skin and is very gentle. I would give this a try during the summers though

  2. my views on the product are same as yours…it dires the face horribly coz I have normal to dry skin but face radiates like anything…donno how is that possible…


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