Organic Harvest Body Lotion Review and Price

Organic Harvest Body Lotion Review

Organic Harvest Body Lotion Review

By Contributor: Agnirupa

So great to be back after a long festival break! As you recall I have always been a fan of Organic Harvest products and can justify their steep prices as they are devoid of harmful chemicals, color and fragrance. So when I got the chance to use their products again I was happy as a bunny! Today we have their body lotion up for review.

Organic Harvest Claims: Pamper your body with this lightweight hydrating lotion that reduces skin sensitivity. Containing natural moisturizing actives obtained from tamarind seeds, this marvel of a body lotion improves skin hydration and reduces skin roughness. It seeps deep into your skin to help repair the natural moisture deficiency in dry, dehydrated areas while handling the vital jobs of hydrating, energizing and protecting your skin.

Organic Harvest Body Lotion Review price
Organic Harvest Body Lotion Review

My Review:

The packaging is a typical Organic Harvest packaging- very sensible and convenient, in a slim sturdy pump bottle with a secure click-on cap J it is both easy to store and carry around.

The lotion is white in colour and its texture is very thin and quite runny, the sort of texture I mostly adore as I have oily-normal body skin and tend to sweat. In this onset of winter though, my skin is on the drier side so it lapped up the lotion greedily. The lotion was smooth and felt silky to apply, disappearing without any white cast. It did not feel heavy or greasy at all and oily skinned ladies will fall in love with this!

The smell is very herbal and mild..I sort of get a whiff of something familiar maybe its olive oil? Anyway its neither cloying nor offensive so doesn’t matter! It goes away within seconds too.

Efficacy wise, my skin feels velvety smooth and hydrated as soon as I put this on but being so runny in texture, I do have to reapply after 5-6 hours which is kind of inconvenient if I am at work or just outdoors. (yeahh lazy bum that’s me!)

Organic Harvest Body Lotion Review swatch

The pros of Organic Harvest Body Lotion:

  • Sensible and convenient bottle packaging with a pump dispenser mechanism and a clear click cap
  • The texture is smooth, runny and very lightweight- applies easily and sinks into skin instantly
  • Leaves no whitish cast or greasy layer on skin
  • Skin feels velvety smooth and hydrated on application
  • Mild and herbal fragrance- not at all overwhelming or cloying.
  • Lovely list of natural ingredients

The cons of Organic Harvest Body Lotion:

  • Price is on the higher side considering the quantity and its need to be reapplied frequently
Organic Harvest Body Lotion Review blog
Body Lotion by Organic Harvest Review

Price: Rs.695 for 100ml

VNA Rating: 3.5/5

Do I recommend? I think this is a gorgeous light non sticky summer lotion for all of us and a lovely option for oily skinned ladies all year round. It is velvety smooth, contains awesome ingredients, soft, non heavy and leaves no whitish cast before sinking into skin. Give it a try.

Have you tried Organic Harvest Body Lotion? Share your views with us.



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