Nyx Tinted Lip Spa Juicy Review, Swatches

nyx lip spa
Nyx Tinted Lip Spa in Juicy review, swatches

Its been so long I posted a review, no wonder I was feeling quite uneasy. And I felt more uneasy when after staring at my laptop screen for 15mins, I still could not find anything to write. Oh well writer’s block! Does that mean I need a rehab visit? Nooooo!
By the way, I told about VNA to a few friends in my new college and all of them dug deep into its archives
till the wee hours of the morning…..yahooo! Officialy welcoming the new readers here.

The Nyx Tinted Lip Spa in Juicy looks like a bright red in the tube and comes out as a beautiful red on the lips too. For a lip balm, the colour pay off is mind blowing. Its not your apply anywhere even with your eyes closed kinda lip balm. The tint is so strong that you need to excuse yourself to the washroom and then use it! The colour pay off is similar to my Avon Strawberry lip balm. I like my lip balms to have a red tint than pink, suits my medium complexion more.

The lip balm does have a tendency to melt in summers, you can see that in the above picture. As for the moisturisation, its nice. It keeps your lips protected for 3-4 hours. But the tint stays on for longer. Also, it isn’t waxy like your other lip balms. Absolutely non sticky.

Before you jump out to buy it, I just want to warn you about the smell. I think Nyx has got patents over this particular syrup like smell. Its kinda uncomfortable initially but you get used to it!

Below you see the swatches on my hand. The camera could not pick up the colour. Its more deep in person.

nyx lip balm
Nyx Tinted Lip Spa review, swatches
red lip balm
red lip balm swatches

Price: $5.50 (Rs.670 in India) Available on stylecraze.com for even lesser

So is it for you? Oh yes if you don’t like to wear lipsticks and want a good colour pay off in a lip balm instead. Juicy gives a deep red tint which stays on for quite sometime. The moisturisation is okay and you need to re-apply during the day. It melts in the summers but not like their round lipsticks. Its the smell I don’t like but if you are a regular Nyx user, you already know it!



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