Nivea Fruity Shine Lip Balm Watermelon: Review, Swatches


Review, Swatches, Price, Buy Online Nivea Lip Care Fruity Shine Lip Balm Watermelon

By Contributor: Aruna

So continuing with the on-going series of reviews and swatches of Nivea fruity shine lip balms that I have in my possession, I am here to review another one of their tinted lip balm shades which is Watermelon. This one has a sheer pink tint. Up until now these lip balms haven’t been disappointing but they haven’t hit the mark either. Let’s see how this one scores.

Nivea Claims: The innovative formula of Nivea Fruity Shine Watermelon with Hydra IQ gives long lasting moisturisation. The combination of watermelon flavor and chosen pigments provides an exciting fruity fragrance leaving a touch of delicate color on soft and smooth lips.

• Delights your delicate lips with a fruity watermelon flavor
• Beautifies lips with a soft glossy color.
• Provides long lasting moisture for your lips.


My Review:

Texture: The texture of these nivea lip balms is quite good they stand somewhere in the middle. Not too thick and neither are they too slick. They slip and slide around the lips in a perfectly acceptable manner and the frostiness doesn’t translate on the lips at all.

Packaging: The main criterion for me in the packaging of any lip balm is its sturdiness. And I guess that is the case with most other women too. Lip balms are the most commonly found item in a woman’s handbag which has tons of other stuff jostling around to find space, this a very important quality. And I am happy to say that nivea lip care succeeds beautifully. The packaging of nivea fruity shine may not be as fancy but it can definitely handle some rough use. The caps come colour coded so you can easily recognize if you own one too many shades of this product and the swivel mechanism works smoothly.


Pigmentation: I was rather disappointed with the pigmentation of shade Watermelon to be honest. When swatched on the arm, it showed up well but once applied on the lips, all I get is the glossy finish. I can only conclude that the pigmentation isn’t strong enough to show up on lips as they already are pinkish/brownish in colour. The glossy finish, however, does look good.

Staying power: The staying power of nivea fruity shine balm is rather average and lasts upto 4 hours. It just fades away and there is hardly any tint left on the lips so reapplying becomes a must. Not much can be said on its moisturization properties though. Yes, the lip balm does keep the lips hydrated while on but it doesn’t quite do anything substantial at all. Once it’s gone, my lips just feel the same as they were before!


Pros of Nivea Fruity Shine Lip Balm Watermelon:

  • Easily Available to buy online and in local stores
  • Affordable
  • Sturdy Packaging
  • Gives a glossy finish to the lips
  • Texture is easy to work with

Cons of Nivea Fruity Shine Lip Balm Watermelon:

  • Lacks pigmentation
  • Doesn’t really moisturise the lips


Price: Rs.135

VNA Rating: 3.5/5

Buy Online:

Conclusion: I must admit that I am sorely disappointed with this one. It looked extremely promising in the tube but on application, I could see none of it. Texture wise these lip balms are consistent throughout, so my suggestion would be to go for a shade which gives a good tint.

Have you used Nivea Fruity Shine Lip Balm Watermelon? Share your reviews with us.


  1. Hi I HV so many lip balms ,but I really don’t find any difference when it comes to colour. I find smell different but when it comes to moisturizer even a Vaseline does the same work as they all do ,so y shd we buy such costly lipbalms ,instead inshd go for lipstick then , wats ur view on this


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