Modern Day Fairytale with Myntra App: Beauty and the Beast


Beauty and Beast in today’s world of Technology and Myntra App Shopping

By Contributor: Ananya

Beast was troubled beyond measure. Belle’s stubbornness to not come down and have dinner with him had added fuel to his anger. He paced around his big room after breaking every piece of furniture in sight. He did admit that imprisoning her away from her father and civilization was cruel but she was the one who had willingly offered herself as a replacement for her old father. He needed her to break the spell that was cast up on him and the entire kingdom by the evil witch. A small spark of hope had ignited in his chest when he saw her. It had been years since he had been cursed by the witch and Belle was his only chance of freedom.

He briskly walked towards the room where he had a computer which was connected to all the security cameras in the mansion and checked on Belle, who was in the large sitting room. Even if he was shut out in his ancient kingdom for years, he liked to be in touch with the world swirling so fast around him. She was curled up in the farthest corner in the room with headphones and she seemed to be scrolling on her phone. It made him angry even more! What was with these people and their small electronic contraptions? They never could tear their eyes away from those! All hope seemed to drain out of him as he sat down on the ground and sighed.


Cogsworth, Mrs Potts and Lumiere sat contemplating in the kitchen thinking about ways their master could impress the beautiful girl upstairs.

“Ah, I’ve got it! He should hold a flower show here! Finest varieties of flowers from all around the world!” Lumiere in his usual dreamy voice suggested.

“And I suppose you will be the one to order and over-see every preparation in this candle-stick form of yours!” Cogsworth snapped.

“It must be something that the girl likes! Something that sparks her interest!” Mrs Potts said thinking.

“Then it must be easy! All girls love jewellery and fine clothing! We’ll get the master to buy some for her and break the tension between them!” Lumiere chirped.

“You seem to be forgetting one thing, you stupid candle! We are cursed! We cannot go anywhere and shop. Especially with the master who is currently in the form of a huge beast!” Cogsworth roared.

The door to the kitchen banged open and the Beast stood there his eyes glowing as he glared at his three loyal companions.

“What’s all this I hear?” He asked. His voice was dangerously low.

“Sir! We were just contemplating ways to make the girl loosen up herself and become comfortable in your presence!” Cogsworth said his face pale. “But every idea seems to be a muddle.”

“Hang on a second!” Lumiere exclaimed standing upright while the flame on his head lit. “I know how we can shop!” he said and jumped his way out of the room.

Minutes later he appeared holding something in his arms.

“I saw the girl checking out numerous things here on a certain app… I was beside her when she was doing it… she is asleep so I guess… we can borrow this…” Lumiere mumbled as he searched through Belle’s phone. “AHA!” he gave a triumphant cry. “Here. The Myntra app! It’s a shopping app, sir! We can buy things from here. Things Belle would like and break the tension between you two!”


Beast looked skeptical as he scrolled down the app. His eyes widened. Everything was clear and beautifully categorised into various sections with very attractive pictures. Beast first had trouble handling the smartphone with his big stubby fingers so Cogsworth was given the deed to handle it while Lumiere gave him instructions.

They chose the ‘Women’ section which then opened various other categories. By this time many household staff had gathered there. The ladies were eager to give their fashion inputs. They chose various items from the ‘Accessories’ section like jewellery, bags and watches. Then they moved on to ‘Westernwear’ and bought many dresses and jumpsuits. It was a very enjoyable affair. Even the Beast enjoyed surveying all this new stuff and was delighted with the various products he got. They got his credit card and paid online because no one could go out receive the products and pay cash in their non-human forms. Now all they had to do was wait.

In a matter of just few days, large parcels began to arrive. The staff told the delivery man to leave the stuff outside so that they could collect it later on when he was gone. When everything had arrived, they placed the whole thing in front of Belle who was shocked beyond anything. She proceeded to open the packages gingerly and gasped at each and every one of them


“Who did this, Mrs Potts?” She asked her face flushed with happiness.

“The master of course, my dear! He has been very anxious about you and wanted to make you feel at home.” Mrs Potts explained.

Beast was in the music room pacing the floor anxious when the door creaked open and he looked up to see Belle standing there in a new yellow dress he had just bought and she was smiling at him shyly.

“Thank… Thank you,” she said her voice low and her cheeks red.

It seemed that hope was not lost. There still was some magic left in the world for him. With Myntra magic is possible! #ItsPersonal

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