Lush Angels On Bare Skin Cleanser: Review and Photos

lush angels on bare skin review india

LUSH Cleanser Angels On Bare Skin (Vegan) – Review and Photos

By Contributor: Sushmita M

“In love there is always someone to kiss and one to offers the cheeks”

Yes that’s how my angel is. I am talking about My HG Cleanser I discovered 7 months back. I am in  love with  my LUSH Angels On Bare Skin cleanser. Thanks to the bloggers and their reviews. I was bored with my cleanser and was seriously looking for a change. After searching google for ‘Best Cleanser for dry skin’ *sigh* as you know google always ends up providing some extra unwanted and confusing results! Anyway one of the search results was this LUSH Cleanser. While checking out some reviews I saw that some of our  Indian beauty bloggers have given it 5 on 5 rating. Hence, I was so keen to try this out and finally ended up buying it.

Lush Claims: For heavenly soft and balanced skin, take a smidge of Angels on Bare Skin, mix with a little water and massage in. The kaolin clay base deep cleanses while ground almonds gently exfoliate the dead skin away. Rose and lavender are added to soothe and help balance out combination skin. It’s our best selling preservative-free and packaging-free daily cleanser for all skin types, so if you don’t know which cleanser to choose and it’s heavenly skin you’re after, start with Angels.

lush cleanser angels on bare skin ingredients

Ingredients : Ground Almonds (Prunus dulcis) , Glycerine , Kaolin ,Water (Aqua) , Lavender Oil (Lavandula hybrida) , Rose Absolute (Rosa centifolia) , Chamomile Blue Oil (Matricaria Chamomilla) , Tagetes Oil (Tagetes minuta), Benzoin Resinoid (Styrax tonkinensis pierre) ,Lavender Flowers (Lavendula hybrida) , Limonene ,Linalool.

My Review:

This is the one vegan cleanser which actually works wonders for me. I can vouch for it. This is basically a Gentle Lavender Scrub according to LUSH Official website. Has lots and lots of Lavender flowers in it. You can see it in the photos. This is my 4th tub which means each tub of 100gm last you for more than 1 and a half months. I am using this from last 7 months and can’t live without it. It has Kaolin which is a excellent cleanser and so many essentials oils which do not dry out skin. I have Dry-Dehydrated- Sensitive Skin and those who have similar skin.. You can use it closing your eyes. Day by day I saw my skin quality being improved, it makes my skin softer and smoother, help in reducing tan and those little rashes you get occasionally during summer due to heat and sweat.

lush angels on bare skin photo

Angels on Bare Skin is kind of a very thick solid paste with load of grounded almonds, Kaolin, lavender flower, Lavender oil, Rose oil, chamomile oil (help in calm anxiety and soothe skin). It gives a scrubby feeling to my skin but nothing very harsh rather but quite mild. The uneven soft grounded almonds give very light dermabrasion effect without harming skin layers. Ask me I am the proof! I have sensitive skin and Angle on bare skin is so kind on my skin And how can I forget the lovely smell.. I go gaga over the smell every time I use it..I take a pea size amount of it, add few drops of water to make a liquid paste and gently apply in a circular motion, keep it for 1 minutes and rinse thoroughly. I use twice a day morning and night and it lasts for more than 45days.

lush angels on bare skin blog review india

What I like about LUSH Angels On Bare Skin Vegan Cleanser:

  • Everything! Two thumbs up.
  • The sweet lavender smell lifts my mood.
  • The healing power, Evens out skin colour on daily use, Soothes skin and help balancing skin texture.
  • Imparts a glow.
  • Reduces Tan.
  • Vegan Products.
  • Preservative-free cleanser for all skin types.
  • Superb for Dry-Sensitive Skin.
  • Does not dry out my skin at all. Does not Irritate.
  • Kaolin is a great cleanser for dry skin.
  • Best ever Cleanser for me. I can use this for my life time.

What I don’t like about Angels On Bare Skin:

  • Nothing except the price. But I am ok if the product is really worth it.

lush angels on bare skin cleansing scrub

Price: Rs 585 for 100gm or $13.95 USD.

Shelf Life: 8 months from the date of manufacture. Storing inside freezer is not advisable.

VNA Rating: 5/5 or 10/5 :P

Final Verdict: A must have for me. Can’t live without! I def recommend to all dry skin beauties to try it.


  1. quite tempting…..really feeling like eating…anywayz…have u brought it online???if yes then which site???

    • No dear. Brought from store. You have Lush store near u???

      If not you can go to Lush India website and place order. but sadly again shipping charge :(


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