My Makari de Suisse purchase

I got my Makari de Suisse exfoliating soap few days back. My first reaction was “Oh my! Its so huge!” No Pun!
This is the first time I’ve bought a luxury soap and I’m quite excited about it. I’m obviously not going to bathe with it everyday. May be would use it on my arms and face. It has impressed me so far. I have already reviewed it HERE. They are giving free shipping till 31st May. So if you want to order, now is the time. Also if you want the samples I reviewed (or going to review) you can buy them for Rs.300 ($6). I’m so waiting for the acnyl cream to go on some hefty discount (yes even 50% would not suffice for it, costs Rs.3000 originally!). I will be reviewing that cream next.
Tip- They keep offering discounts (the soap I got was on 50% off so it cost me Rs.379) so keep track of them and collect coupons on Facebook for some additional discount.


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