L’occitane Hand Cream Review

loccitane hand cream

L’occitane Hand Cream Review

I think I’ve got Mysophobia. Actually I’m quite sure. In layman terms, I’m a total germ freak! I wash my hands after every umm.. 30mins? There was a time I would get my bathroom all cleaned up before I went to bath. It was so hyped in my family that people would joke and say “let us bath first..we haven’t got the whole day“. Such nerve! But hey that was the 10yrs old Anshita. The present one ONLY washes her hands like a maniac. Trust me my family has to put up with my ‘only anti-bacterial hand-washes and soaps in the house‘ requirement. So anyway the point is my hands started getting super dry and I so needed a hand cream. And everyone

knows, for hand creams you gotta go to L’occitane!

This Desert Rose Hand Cream, enhanced with a fruity and tangy interpretation of Moroccan rose, is highly concentrated with Shea Butter (20%) to help protect, nourish and soften your hands.

The fragrance is a beautiful blend of rose and lemon. It smells all floral and girly. I’m not much into such soft fragrances (I like it all citrusy and tangy!) but this was a welcome change. May be I need to give more chances to floral notes.

The texture of the hand cream is slightly thick. Its so dry at first that you keep on wondering if it really is a moisturizing cream. Aren’t creams supposed to all wet and runny and gooey? But boy it moisturizes! It takes about 2mins to get fully absorbed and you have to keep massaging your hands. After it has all absorbed, you can feel the magic working.

One word on packaging: Toothpastey!. Major dislike. When you reach towards the end, you have to scoop it out with a knife. I cut in two parts. And it has this faucet like cap that twists open which I keep on misplacing. I would have preferred a flip open mechanism. So L’occitane you gotta work on the stupid packaging.

But But Did you notice the design? No I still hate the packaging but look at the design carefully. Now isn’t that a tribal design? Detailing…I love that.

l'occitane hand cream

 L’occitane Desert Rose Hand Cream

loccitane hand cream review


L’occitane Hand Cream Swatch

Price: Rs.495

So is it for you? If you are into novelty skin care then yes definitely.

I know I’m posting a bit slowly. But hey you can’t do much when you have got 8 exams lined up over 4days. Yes that’s MBA for you. Btw today was the 1st day and here I’m blogging away to glory!



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