Liz Earle Energising Body Lotion Review- A treat for Aromatherapy lovers

Body lotions? I was never into them. I would just buy the perfumed body creams with EDTs for layering purposes and it was enough for me! Basically, my idea of a body lotion is, it should be scented/perfumed apart from being moisturising. What do you want from your body lotions anyway?
Energising Body Lotion and Scrub

Price and Quantity: 150ml tube for £16.50, 30ml tube for £4.75

The lotion is white and very light in terms of texture. It is neither too runny, nor too thick. Just how lotions ought to be. It contains 19 naturally active botanicals including ivy, caffeine, horse chestnut and butchers, avocado oil, rose flower oil, vitamin E, etc. It claims to leave its wearer feeling smoother, firmer, and more toned with each application.It also has a very herbal scent and smells of essential oils it made of, I like to call it “spa-ish”. The scent is a very personal thing and I have a love-hate relationship with it. Apply by massaging into your skin using gentle but firm circular movements, concentrating on hips, thighs, legs, stomach and upper arms. It is moisturising enough to leave your skin soft and hydrated. It gets absorbed instantly without feeling tacky or greasy.
But if you have excessively dry skin, then it would not be moisturising enough for you. Also, it will burn a whole in your pocket. For a body lotion, its quite expensive.

Recommendation– If you are on a quest to find a body lotion for that hot/humid weather you live and can afford it, then you should check this out. Also, if you are a fan of herbal scents and are into aromatherapy then this is definitely your cup of tea. It is a spring/summer lotion and if you live in cold regions/or once winters set in, than it would not provide adequate moisturisation.

Product sent by the PR for review purposes, and I’m totally honest with my opinion.


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