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My Khoobsurat Moment #3

Raise your hand if you are happy with the current weather! *raises both her hands* Rains make us happy no? Since the last 2-3 days its been raining constantly in Delhi. Seems like Mr.Monsoon is finally here..just in time for fall. Perfect. For a blogger this is the worst kind of situation because the lighting gets dull but hey I’m not gonna complain.

The other day I was shooting this hair tutorial and by the time I got done with it I was so inspired and pumped that I started doing all sorts of crazy things with my hair..Buns, ponytails, half updos, top knots, braids..what not. This activity went so smoothly and I guess I should thank mom for those healthy low maintenance hair. To add to it I also coloured my hair a few weeks back at home with L’Oreal Paris Dark Chocolate which gave my tresses a healthy shine so now it even comes across in the pictures. To add to the good hair day I loved my makeup and nails. Everything bright and cheerful. I took a gazillion funny pictures of myself doing all sorts of crazy things with my hair and face and later sent them to sailor and we both had a good laugh! He actually thought I had lost my mind but let’s pretend that didn’t happen. I also instagramed one of those pics which is now my most liked picture there! Sssh since I was already high on feel khoobsurat endorphin I also shopped some stuff online. I swear it just happened. That stupid mouse clicked on the buy button by itself. True story.

Sometimes all you need is a good day where everything falls into place to feel khoobsurat and happy. Girls ditch that DVD this weekend and instead go play with your hair and camera. Trust me after looking at all those selfies you will feel good.

red lips smokey eyes indian beauty blog

I would like to thank everyone for participating in the Khoobsurat Moment contest. I had a pleasant time going through all your uploads on facebook and instagram. As promised I’m picking one girl today..

*drum rolls*

Sughanda Dixit!

Girl you have won yourself some L’Oreal Paris goodies. Others don’t get disheartened because each of your entries were khoobsurat. So I’m going to hold one more contest soon so make sure you participate again. Check out some hair trends inspirations at Get the Look.

This post is part of L’Oreal Paris Say Yes to Colour Campaign

Have you experienced any khoobsurat moment with your hair? Share your views with us.


  1. u looking really fab here, and also which lip color u wearing and wats on ur nails ? hope u dont mind asking :D


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