Lakme Clean Up Face Mask Nourishing Glow Review

lakme face mask

Lakme Clean Up Face Mask Nourishing Glow Review

If you have the skin that makes much more oil than an oil factory then this post is just for you. If you are always running late in the mornings then this post is just for you. If you are always watching “How to fake that glow” on Youtube then this post is just for you!

Lakme says: Easy rinse of mask contains clay known to absorb excess oil and help in skin tightening leaving your skin soft and glowing.

I’ve already raved about this new Lakme 3 Step Clean up mask from the Nourishing Glow range in my Skin-care Favourites post. So what makes this mask my favourite? You know there are masks which tell you thy are working but you can’t see it. t tells you that you gott wait for 4 weeks yada yada. But we are so impatient. I want results people! And this gives instant results….I want to say Maggi but

  my maggi is never instant. It takes atleast 10mins!

The colour of the face mask is off white. Its very thick and you gotta wet your face to spread it evenly on your face. Its clay based so it has for now replaced my fuller’s earth mask. I don’t detect any kind if strong smell. Nor does it tingle or irritate my sensitive skin (and I am so very grateful for that!). Usually I distribute my skin care products between my family or friends when they don’t suit me (and the stats are quite high). I keep it on for some 10mins and wash off. It comes out easily and I to see an oil-free totally clean facial skin. It even adds this subtle glow. I mostly cheat my way to glow with it. I’ve been using it twice a week from a month and totally loving the results.

If you got dry skin then don’t try this at home. It will stretch and make your skin even more dry.

Let’s look at the photos:

clean up mask
Lakme Clean Up Face Mask Nourishing Glow Review
lakme mask review
Lakme Clean Up Face Mask Nourishing Glow

Price: Rs.99 (love it!)

Rating: 4.5/5

So is it for you? Yes if you have got oily/combination skin and want that one product that will clean your face, take all the oil and add a subtle glow to it. It even works for sensitive skin. A budget friendly facial mask from Lakme.

Btw I just had the most amazing Summer drink. The watermelon cooler at Mocha’s GK M-Block!

mocha watermelon drink

I think they added some watermelon pulp and juice to Real or Tropicana guava juice. And the results were quite edible. And how cute are the jam jars. You can always DIY it you know ;)


  1. Sounds good. But any chemical free and cruelty free alternatives you can suggest? Unilever isn’t cruelty free and somehow I find my conscience pinching me when I use cosmetics tested on hapless animals..
    Tamanna recently posted…All the Grey’s WomenMy Profile

    • Check my DIY section for chemical free masks. We cant expect a purely natural product from a brand na since they have preservatives.


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