Lakme Absolute Plump and Shine Lipgloss Candy Shine Review, Swatches

lakme candy shine

Lakme Absolute Plump And Shine Lipgloss Candy Shine Review, Swatches

Feliz Año Nuevo Chicas! Yes you got it right, I’ve started my Spanish classes and in no time I’ll be speaking Spanish even in my sleep. Okay exaggerated but it won’t take much time. And if you are still wondering what those 4 opening words mean then please help yourselves with google translate! You will see me flaunting my limited-to-3-words-at-a-time Spanish from time to time here. Okay so you see me talking about glosses not very often right? Thats because glosses plump up my already thick lips which I don’t like. Plus most of them are sheer and shimmery. So dislike+dislike=hate for me. But what made me fall for this particular gloss? The deep beery pink colour! Winters do that to me. I turn paler so always look for a pop of colour and shine on my lips.

The Colour: As the name says, its a candy bright pink colour with silver shimmer. In the swatches it looks quite pigmented

   but once on the lips, it is light shimmery pink. Its one of those happy shades which instantly light up your mood and face! Most suitable for night time wear and in this chilly Delhi weather, it gives those perfect high shine pink lips on otherwise pale winter face. The shimmer is not in your face and looks subtle adds to the shine.

This one of the best quality glosses I’ve tried. Although the claim of 6hrs is a bit high but it lasts easily for some 3-4 hours including a couple of drinks and light snacking. And when it fades, it does not leave behind any gloopy shimmer particles (yukkk!). The colour and the shimmer fades and only a slight shine remains. Since its long lasting, its a bit thick and heavy in texture. I’ve a tough time keeping my hair away from my lips! But its not sticky. Also once on your lips, it moisturizes them. I could not detect any smell so be assured its not overpowering (I’ve a weak nose!).
Pigmentation is the only area of concern with this. Not much pigmented but works wonderfully when layered over a pink lipstick. And the wand is a bit weird even though its sponge tip, it picks up a very little amount each time which is annoying when you are in a hurry.

Okay about the Plump is partially true. Not that it actually plumps up your lips but it gives such a 3D shine that they look multi-dimensional and plumped.

lakme absolute lipgloss

Check out the swatches: As you see it is a bright youthful happy happy pink. Totally a winter shade for me!

candy shine swatches
lakme absolute plump and shine lipgloss swatches


lakme candyshine lipgloss
lakme absolute plump shine lipgloss swatches
On the lips, it is a sheer high shine shimmer pink
lakme absolute swatches

Price: Rs. 375 ($6)

So is it for you? If you have always steered clear of shimmer glosses, then you must try this since the shimmer is subtle. Though sheer in pigmentation, the formula is top notch and similar to Mac deazzleglasses. They stay on for 3-4 hours including light snacking and drinking and fades evenly without leaving stick shimmer behind. The texture is thick but that’s perfect to make it long lasting. They are better than Revlon Colorbust glosses in fact. I highly recommend them!


  1. hey ansh u started Spanish classes i mean espaniol???? oooh how cool is that. e planning from next month :P
    the shade int he tube and the swatch is soooo beautiful! but its so cleat on the lips :(

  2. @Samyukta haan..tomorrow i’ve my 3rd class! ooh u start soon so that we can talk away in espaniol! haan yaar its very sheer on pigmented lips. only shine n pink colour

  3. Ooh looks soo pretty on your lips.. Guess this can be layered over lipsticks to add shine to them..
    Hey n I wanna learn Spanish too… It’s the third most widely spoken language in the world.. :)

  4. Hey :D Am gonna start my Spanish classes soon :D We can converse in tat then :P

    The shade luks bright and pretty..I am getting this for sure..all u pretty bloggers are tempting me :P

  5. hi,you know what i became a fan of your blog,am addicted to visit your blog atleast once in a day !all the article are awesome ! lovely :)


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