Introduction and Guidelines for Contributors

Welcome to VNA! We would love to have you on board. Here is all the information you need before you start writing for us.

Incentives: Payment, Sponsored Products and Work Experience Certificates

For MAC Reviews: Rs.300 per article (we only accept permanent products)

For other reviews: Rs.200 per article (we only accept new products and collections)

For makeup tutorials: Rs.250 per article

For general articles like Top 10s: Rs.250 per article

For Non-Indian residents, only apply if you have an Indian bank account. For Indian residents, the payment would be only through online bank transfer. Payments to our writers would be made monthly, at the end of every month. Those writers who have written articles in a given month are to send the following details to us at the end of the month in order to receive their payments:

  • Their article names along with links to each article
  • Total payment to be made
  • Bank Details in this format:

Account Holder’s Name:
Account Number:
IFSC Code:

If you don’t send us the payment details by the end of that month, we shall be making that payment at the end of the next month.

Work experience certificates:

We would be giving 6 months full-time work experience certificate to writers who complete 100 posts on VNA and a one year certificate for those who complete 200 posts and so on. For those who cross 100 posts but do not reach 200 posts, the work experience certificates would be provided on pro rata basis. The designations would be writer/ senior writer/ editor.

Article Copyrights, Terms and Conditions:

We would be holding the copyrights of the articles and the images sent by you. You are not to reproduce or re-sell the article in any form either online or offline. Please do not send us copied articles from the internet. If you are already a blogger or write for blogs then you need to inform us before. Please do remember that we would use your full complete name in the article and not an alias.

We do not entertain the following:

  • Sending pictures taken from phone. We need sharp, clear pictures taken from a camera. You don’t need a DSLR. A point and shoot camera can work too.
  • Sending content/images copied from the internet. If you are writing a general beauty article with images used from the internet, please provide us the source of the images.
  • Sending us reviews with short or missing- experience with the product. Please do not fill pages with ingredients or claims. Write about your experience and pros and cons instead.
  • Writing on other blogs on the same product or topic. Not even if you change the text or photos.
  • Sending us reviews with grammatical errors, sms language, or bad editing. We edit our articles but editing for an article is the responsibility of its author.
  • Behaving rudely with any member of the VNA team.

We do NOT take articles on the following:

  • Nail Paints
  • Avon, Oriflame, Just Herbs, Amway, Vaadi, etc.
  • Website reviews
  • Local or lesser known brands.
  • Old collections

Please ensure that the topics are not common with the ones already been written on the website. Use the search bar on VNA to determine if a topic/review has already been covered. You can write as per your convenience, even an article per day.

How to send an article:

  • Please send your articles only at this email ID: careers(at)vanitynoapologies(dot)com
  • Send the text in a Word document
  • For the pictures, either attach them on the same mail or make a zip of them and then attach.
  • If the zip is more than 10mb then break it in parts.

Do let us know if this sounds good to you. If the terms are acceptable to you send us your article as soon as possible. If we approve the article we shall upload it with your full name.

Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t have a bank account, can I give account details of someone else?

Yes, you can.

How often can I write?

You can write even daily if you’re submitting good posts.

I checked my account recently and there is a payment discrepancy some time ago

It is you responsibility to check your payments and get back to us as soon as possible in case of a discrepancy. Any payment discrepancy which occurred more than 90 days ago would be considered null and void by us.

VNA Sponsored Products Scheme:

If you have been writing regularly for us from last 4 months then you are eligible for the sponsored products. We buy tonnes of makeup and beauty products every month to review. We can send them to you if your article and photo quality have been consistently above par. You would need to provide your complete address and contact number for us to send products to you. You would also need to keep us updated with the delivery. If you take the products and then don’t send the review and stop answering our mails then we would be taking this up legally.

Go through the how to write reviews and how to write general articles page for more information.