Inglot Red and Orange Lipsticks Swatches: 176, 127, 409, 408, 401, 105, 278

inglot matte lipsticks swatches red and orange

Inglot Lipstick Reviews and Swatches: 408, 401, 105, 278, 176, 127, 409

I just love swatch posts. All the red lipsticks look equally good and appealing when you review them separately but the moment of truth comes only on the battlefield! When all the lipsticks line up together and let you compare them..bash them up..and go home with the queen. There is just so much to consider..tones, warmth, finish, texture, blah blah. I thought I will save you the trouble on your next Inglot store visit (or your next online shopping haul if you are lazy like me) and help you pick the best one out of the thousands of shades Inglot has to offer by the way of this list.

inglot matte lipsticks swatches 176 127 409 408 401 105 278
Inglot Lipsticks Swatches 176, 127, 409, 408, 401, 105, 278

From left to right: The Red Lipsticks

Inglot 176: This one is a creamy red which reminds me of MAC Russian Red

Inglot 127: This one is a creamy orange red and quite similar to MAC Chili

Inglot 409: This one is a deep ruby red and quite a good shade for fall

Inglot 408: This is a matte blue based red quite similar to Ruby Woo (I don’t know if they are dupes). Just follow the link for its full review.

inglot red lipsticks swatches 176 127 409 408
Inglot Red Lipsticks Swatches 176, 127, 409, 408

The Orange Lipsticks:

Inglot 401: Its a matte milky coral peach shade. Very matte infact. I have read its reviews that its very drying (infact all the matte lipsticks from Inglot are) but its sooooo pretty and my favourite from the whole lot. I cannot think of any dupes for it.

Inglot 105: Its a creamy tangerine orange. Quite bright and catchy.

Inglot 278: Its a creamy yellow based orange. Yellow oranges make your teeth look yellow so you better stay away. It reminds me a lot about Colorbar Obsessed Orange.

inglot orange lipsticks swatches 408 401 105 278
Inglot Orange Lipsticks Swatches 408, 401, 105, 278

If you ask me, I would pick 408 among the reds and 401 among the oranges. I would swatch Ruby Woo with 408 the next time I’m at the mall..who knows we may find a dupe!

inglot red orange matte lipsticks swatches 176 127 409 408 401 105 278
Inglot Red and Orange Lipsticks Swatches: 176, 127, 409, 408, 401, 105, 278

Honestly out of the whole army of lipsticks, I only liked these enough to pick them up and swatch. I’m taking of reds and corals. There were around 10 shades more in both the colour choices but those were either just too pale or too dull or just too meh.

inglot 176 127 409 408 401 105 278 lipstick swatches
Inglot Red and Orange Lipsticks Swatches: 176, 127, 409, 408, 401, 105, 278

I have already done the swatches if pink lipsticks from Inglot. Now I only need to collect swatches of nudes and plums after which I can start with the freedom system lipsticks.

As far as prices go, Inglot confuses me a lot. Why not just keep a standard price like MAC? The matte lipsticks are now priced at Rs.950 (yes!) and the creamy ones are around Rs.750-850 I guess.


  1. Nice post.. You are right that the inglot mattes are very drying. I have two of them. But after a month or two dont know what but the texture is creamier both as a bullet or lips. I can see the moisture droplets on the bullet.

  2. I have 401 and I absolutely LOVE it! I had always admired the lipstick that Sonakshi Sinha wore and when I found out it was 401 I had to grab it. And yes it’s my fav lipstick for sure from Inglot. Only problem is that it is in fact drying, if you live in a warmer area then it shouldn’t be a problem as I find in the summer months my lipsticks get creamier because of the humidity :P

  3. hey.. can you please tell me which lipstick shade is most similar to the inglot 176 lipstick and is in budget too? are inglot 176 and colorbar velvet matte lipstick hot hot hot shades similar?


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