INGLOT Lipstick Swatches #418, 421, 243, 139, 143, 194, 419, 244, 239, 189, 140

11 pink inglot lipstick swatches natural light

INGLOT Lipstick Swatches (Part 1): Pink Shades – #418, 421, 243, 139, 143, 194, 419, 244, 239, 189, 140

Beauty blogging has got its own perks. Until last year it was just me, but after opening up I’ve got Team VNA with me! And that not only includes the awesome contributors we have but the makeup obsessed friends that I’ve made in college who are regular faces on VNA now. Infact VNA turned those only-tinted-lip-balms-plz innocent girls into bright lipstick addicts! So when one of them wanted a bright hot pink lipstick for her birthday, we headed to the Inglot store in Select City Walk to swath a zillion inglot lipsticks before buying THE one. I thought these swatches must be useful to all you girls out there so I’m posting them here.

inglot lipstick swatches part 1 pinks
inglot lipstick swatches part 1 – pink shades

Now when I look at the photos, some of them appear a little red or coral. Well that’s because of the umm..shadow effect? You know when you got over looked in your childhood because of a much prettier cousin. Yes we have all been there. So these pink lipsticks are all pretty individually but somehow when swatched together, some of them loose the shine due to a much brighter fuchsia sitting next to it. So I’ve given some close up swatches below too. Let’s get the swatch party started!

inglot pink lipstick swatches close up
Inglot Lipstick Swatches – hot pinks, fuchsia and daily pinks

I’ve swatched both: matte and creamy lipsticks. Infact these are all the PINK lipsticks you ever need from Inglot. The rest were plum or purple which I promise to swatch the next time I’m at the store. My next post would contain some red inglot lipsticks. So you see this is my new project – swatching ALL the inglot makeup since we only get to read reviews of the freedom system shades (which now come in square pans btw) and the awesome (and slightly expensive) lipsticks get over looked.

inglot lipstick swatches 418 421 243 139
swatches: 139, 243, 421, 418

From left to right:

#139: a deep raspberry pink

#243: a creamy bright magenta pink

#421: a matte pink with slight red tones (my favourite) I saw a girl wearing this fuchsia lipstick and dared a friend to ask her the shade. The girl replied “Inghhlot 421” and there I went searching for it at the store. Its not that bright as it looked on her but still is a pretty warm pink

#418: a matte bubblegum pink meant for very light skin tones

inglot lipstick swatches 143 194 419 139
swatches: 419, 194, 143, 139

#419: a matte carrot pink shade which is quite similar to Mac Relentlessly Red and All Fired Up (I’m soo buying it!)

#194: a bright barbie pink shade

#143: a bright hot pink

#139: a rose pink shade

inglot lipstick swatches 244 239 189 140
swatches: 140, 189, 239, 244

#140: a very creamy blue-red pink

#189: a matte dirty pink

#239: a warm coral pink

#244: a light milky pink for light skin tones

inglot lipsticks pink shades swatches photo

I want to buy atleast 2 of these honestly. The prices in India are a bit confusing since they Inglot keeps on changing them. The matte range was priced at Rs.850 when it was launched but it was later reduced to Rs.650 while the creamy range is priced at Rs.550 (I’m not sure though, so correct me if I’m wrong)

inglot lipstick swatch pink shades collection


So these are all the pink lipsticks I have. Look forward to similar posts on red, orange, plum and nude lipstick shades. I hope I helped some of you in choosing your favourite pink. And oh yeah I totally forgot to say it..Happy Diwali! Mine was laid back as usual since we don’t burn crackers but I hope you had fun!


  1. I have 421. Beautiful shade. These are priced at Rs.850. I think Inglot has recently increased prices of Matt Reds to Rs.950. Such a bummer! :/


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