Independence Day inspired NOTD!

indian flag nails
Indian Flag inspired nails

It has been a tradition from so many years now. I either take a hand bag in one of the three colours of our flag or I wear a salwaar kameez in those colours. Once I wore a green kurti and my other two friends wore white and orange kurtis respectively! Now since the college is new and I can’t make people dress up like that (yet!) so I took things in my own hand and did a quick (read very easy) manicure inspired by our tricolour.

How are you spending the independence day? I’m sure a lot of you will be going for ‘ek tha tiger’. Uggghhh! Okay okay no offence! I think I will go for Ice Age 4. Watching 3 Idiots (yet again) right now.

And yes that is a 500 rupee note…..I almost wanted to hi5 myself! Btw how do you make that rupee symbol using the keys?

tricolour nails
Tricolour nail art
independence day nails
independence day nails

Happy 65th Independence Day Indians! :)


  1. hey this is very cute! happy independence day to u too! i went shopping today! haha..
    & phuleeez go for ice age 4 & not ek the tiger!!!


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