Incense Sale- sneak peak- Part-1

I went to Incense this 14th with a friend of mine. We both had some spare time between our meetings with our respective dates. So when I spotted a ‘50% + 50%’ sign outside Incense, I went mad! I started clicking pics madly and since my blog is a secret and only my very close friends know about it, she definitely thought I was mad. I’m doing this post in 2 parts since there are so many pics. The first part includes all the handbags, ear rings, bangles etc. The second would include the clothes and my little haul. Here we go!

They pretty much had only white bags but I really liked them. I think the other colors were already sold out. They had flat 50 + 50 discount on these too.
These metal ear rings were my favorite. If only I didn’t wear such biggy things…
Just because I love crosses…
My friend trying big rings, and oh don’t mind the braid, she is a pakki sardarni :)
I know there are many bow lovers out there, so could not leave these!

All these accessories would cost around 100-200 after the discount. So go there if you liked and want to buy them at very cheap prices. Look out for Part-2.


  1. They always have blingy and chic stuff!! I love those shorts and I have the complete set in Green. Know what i never wore the tanks with hood and have always loved them. :)


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