Secret Tip of the Day Vol.25

fall asleep easily


Its that time of the week again where I share one of my secret beauty tips! Don’t we all love beauty tips?

Well today’s tip is for sleeping better. Do you have trouble sleeping? Do you twist and turn all night in your bed waiting for the sleep fairy to come? Do you find yourself listening to Enrique Iglesia’s Insomniac? Well okay the last one didn’t make any sense but you got the point. Right. Umm..can a add one more? *clears throat* *adopts a deep “Sansani” reporter type tone* Do you think the girl in

the picture are you at night? (haa!)

Well I had yes to all these questions an year back. What I did was brought home a tiny bottle of Lavender Essential Oil one day…and my life changed (not really..just trying to sound a bit dramatic, you know right). Lavender essential oil is well-known for its calming effect. Just put a drop of it on your pillow. Or massage a couple of drops at your temples or your feet. Or take a hot bath before sleeping and add a few drops of the essential oil in your bath water. Trust me, you will sleep a little better that night.

True story.



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